Do You Really Want To Be Thinking That?

With all the talk of Coronavirus (COVID-19) going around, it sure is interesting to sit back and listen to people TALK. Most people are not even aware of what they’re actually saying … but then, how could they be if they were truly aware of what they were THINKING?

Remember, your mind can only process one thought at a time. If you feel yourself getting sucked into the negative talk and suggestion around the Coronavirus, every one of those thoughts will pour right into your subconscious mind … and your subconscious mind knows only to act upon and grow whatever has been planted there.

The more emotionally riled you get around this negative thinking, the faster that vibration of thought turns into REALITY, not only extending like a pool of grubby water in your own life, but adding to the virtual, collective “pool” of thinking around the world. Whether you fully understand this or not, our combined, focused global thought about this virus is simply adding to its petri dish of awfulness.

It’s time that we all take a collective breath. Step away from the panic and fear.

I’m not saying the Coronavirus isn’t a real thing- it’s very real –  but how we choose to deal with it is. Continue to follow and take the precautions advised by local and global authorities. This is absolutely important. But now, more than ever, it is even more vital that we each consciously guard our thoughts.

To do so, we all need to understand more about the
sheer power that AUTO SUGGESTION has
on our conscious and subconscious mind.

Auto Suggestion is one of the 13 principles of success addressed by Napoleon Hill in his book, Think & Grow Rich. Bob Proctor recently created a long-running movie, Principles of Prosperity that explains and addresses each of these 13 principles.

Today, I’ve plucked out just seven minutes from the Auto Suggestion film module that I strongly suggest you watch now. It is extremely important. I would recommend you play it daily, even a few times daily. It’s here … 


Interested in learning more about how YOU can direct your own Auto Suggestion?

The entire film module on Auto Suggestion is 27 minutes in length. It is just one 17 modules that Bob Proctor teaches and I help you through as your Principles of Prosperity Facilitator. It goes into much more detail on why Auto Suggestion is the most powerful force in our lives, and how we can go about properly choosing how we want to live and what we want to think. It also arrives with a study guide of questions and exercises.

This is so important at this place and time in our lives
Start paying attention to what you’re thinking, my friend. It truly DOES and WILL make all the difference in the world.

Learn more about The Principles of Prosperity 

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