Choose Your Flight Path

I’ve been talking with a lot of clients lately who are feeling the blues. This whole COVID mess has really messed things up. A whole lot of other stuff seems to be wrong, too, from earthquakes to locusts to political fracas to riots to travel restrictions.

There’s so much reaction going on out there right now. A few days ago, I wrote about “Reacting vs. Responding.” As the news seems to get worse and worse, it’s now more important than ever that we consciously lift ourselves out of the frequency of thought that is currently dominating the world. It’s time to change your frequency!

You know those moments when you’re in a plane, hunkered down on a tarmac with a snowstorm billowing around you. As your plane trundles over to the de-icing trucks, you look out your plane’s windows and see nothing but steel gray skies and driving snow and you wonder how you and your trusty plane are ever going to get out of this. You lift off into the bumpiness of the storm, climbing through a nature that wants to have its way with you … and then you break out into perfectly peaceful sunny skies. The storm cannot touch you any longer.

And in that moment, everyone on the plane feels BETTER, right? That’s the frequency I’m talking about here. Conscious awareness. Pulling yourself up into that field where you want to travel – love, peace, beauty, right action.

Is it important to watch the news, to see what’s going on around you and in the world? Yes, because we’re dealing with a cagey pandemic that is affecting everyone’s life at some level, even yours. But there’s a difference between observing and choosing right-action responses for your life or stewing in the goop. Worrying in it. Hypothesizing in it. Making it the primary topic of all your conversations. Allowing anxiety and stress to flood your system. These are reactions that only lead to disintegration.

Remember, faith and fear both demand that you believe in something you cannot see. It’s your choice.

Stewing is a choice.
Embracing a worst case scenario is a choice.
Believing that something new and possible is emerging from this chaos is also a choice.

You are a powerful being. You have every ability to CHOOSE to rise up into a new frequency, that rarified atmosphere that allows you to observe the chaos below you and understand that a new evolution is taking place. Change your frequency. Create a new flight path for yourself in that space.

“Remain at peace in your heart in spite of your restless imagination. You may not be able to control circumstances out there, but you can control how you respond to them. Don’t embrace a worse case scenario. Create your world, how you want to live, with your intention, your vision.” – Rev. Michael Beckwith.

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