My MSI Connect Calls: Fix Your Lame Website!

A couple years ago, my dear mentor, Bob Proctor, began a new “Proctorite” online community of like-minded people. Right now, you can trial test it for 14 days for just $14.

MSI Connect is a global community with support and services that are growing quite tidily along – networking, virtual SNAP sessions (super-networking), a marketplace for advertising your services and products, and a particularly robust Zoom call schedule each week.

I decided to add myself to the Zoom call schedule as an “expert,” and I’m having a blast. I have so much stuff stuffed in my head about websites and marketing and SEO and e-commerce and blog posts and DRIP campaigns and all those words no one in our world (least of all mine) expected or WANTED to know anything about. Yet … here we are. So, might as well make lemonade. And … well… I truly do love talking about all of this.

Last week, I did Part I of my “Fix Your Lame Website” series. It covered real basics such as:

  • Who are you?
  • Your MWR and why this is tantamount to your website build
  • Where to build and not build your site
  • The new world of ADA Accessibility and what that means for your site’s look and feel
  • The biggest issues for search engines and their bots
  • What dumpster-loading keywords does for your website these days
  • The case of multi fonts and “special” fonts
  • Email vs. fill-in forms
  • Creating your lanes
  • Think mobile – always design with mobile in mind, too

This week! Part TWO! YAY!!! Check out my MSI Connect call this Thursday, 12:00 p.m. PDT (3:00 p.m. EDT)

  • Who are you falling in love with?
  • Ready. Aim. Focus.
  • Multiple streams
  • Initial shopping cart best practices
  • The 2 best plug ins ever that your website can’t live without
  • Special Deal buttons and slide shows
  • Video on your site
  • Zip offs
  • The greatest sales tool ever
  • Writing to your reader’s personality style
  • Make yourself the undisputed queen or king
  • Frequency is key
  • The eternal question: Why a blog?

It’s quite a buzz of activity on these calls. Join in and ask me your biggest, naggiest question about your website. MSI Connect is here for you.

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