Year of the Ox: Bring on the Prosperity!

This Friday, Feb. 12th, Chinese New Year is upon us, ushering in the Year of the Ox.

The Chinese believe the personality of the astrological sign infuses the year. We couldn’t be more fortunate to have the “yin” stability of the Ox in the year ahead. Known for its honesty, positivity and strong work ethic, the Year of the Ox is a complete opposite to the Year of the Rat we’re emerging from.

It’s definitely time to celebrate! Based on the Chinese Lunar Year, this year’s New Year’s Eve begins Feb 11th and is celebrated much like ours with plenty of food and fireworks at midnight. A 7-day holiday follows through Feb 17th.

Years ago, I decided to get my certification in Feng-Shui. In that process, I learned quite a bit about the significance of the Chinese New Year and your conscious movement forward into “better.” A few last-minute hints:

Never wear black from Feb 9th through Feb. 18th. Instead, wear red or decorate points of your home in red.

Introduce a new “money tree” during Chinese New Year into the southeast corner of your home or office. Remember to turn your money tree a quarter turn every time you water it.

Fill a crystal or gold bowl with oranges and tangerines and place it either on your kitchen counter or where you/your family congregates most, such as a dining room table or a coffee table. Eat the fruit whenever you please and replenish it for the duration of the New Year.

Clean your house prior to the New Year to “sweep away bad luck,” Don’t even touch a broom on New Year’s Day, however – that will sweep away all the incoming good luck!

There are certain foods that are most auspicious on New Year’s Day and the seven days that follow. (i.e., For New Year’s Day, it’s time for long noodles!) Check out my blog article about what those Chinese New Year foods are from a restaurant here in my hometown, Laguna Beach. I’m quite sure you can find the same in YOUR town!

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