What’s Your Priority?

Today is Bob Proctor’s 87th birthday. Certainly the most significant mentor in my life, Bob is also one of my best friends. As his writer over these many, many years, he’s gotten to know me better than anyone on this planet.

Diane’s Wild Ride With Bob Proctor
The memorable car ride that taught me a very memorable lesson.

I can still remember doing a video shoot in a Toronto studio with Bob a few years back. He had set it up as a favor to me so that I could do my first video recordings on some of my funniest stories (aka: LESSONS) I’ve learned along the way. In a rare moment, Bob was actually driving me back to my hotel. (For the record, when Bob takes the wheel, you just need to remember that his mind is never on the road.) As we were driving along, I somehow landed on the subject of me not having “my man” in my life.

In sheer exasperation, as he continued to drive madly along, he turned to me and yelled, “Di! It’s ALL THE SAME! You just talked about winning in paddling and getting that penthouse and you still aren’t connecting the dots. The penthouse … the paddling … the man … ALL THE SAME! Get your mind on the end result. SEE IT IN YOUR MIND and do everything you can think of … every action you can take … to STAY THERE!”

This weekend in his Sunday sermon, yet another great mentor in my life – Rev. Michael Beckwith – reminded me of the same.
We all have a perception about reality that determines our thoughts. We tend to look at our circumstances and our current reality and think that it was put upon us, that maybe fate wanted it this way, or that this is just the way it’s supposed to be for us.

NO, NO, NO! The only thing that “wanted it this way” was YOU! You thought this reality of yours into being. You chose it.
When you say “I want this and I don’t want that,” Universal law doesn’t care what you want or don’t want. As Rev. Michal pointed out, “It only cares about what you’re INTERESTED in. Too often, we misuse the Law of Manifestation and wonder why we can’t get out of this repetitive loop.”

Whatever you think about most becomes your priority
And when it becomes a priority, everything begins to line up behind that particular priority.

So … what’s running you?

What are you talking about in daily conversation? What are you dreaming? Do you feel fear? Do you feel deflated?
Remember, this is what you’re in relationship with. 

So, notice this. How are you walking in this world?
What do you really WANT to unfold in your life?
You can just as easily adapt a higher frequency thought. You have the magician’s ability to transmute fear and discouragement into excitement, enthusiasm and joy when you focus on WHAT YOU WANT.

This week, in honor of Bob Proctor’s birthday, I encourage you to shape your own priority.

Choose how you wish to walk in this world. Bring that picture up in your mind again and again and again …
THIS is what I AM!
THIS is how I’m making a mark in this world!
THIS is how it feels to BE this, to HAVE this, to CELEBRATE this.
THIS is it!

See the opportunities.
See the possibilities.
Embrace them vibrationally. 
Create your destiny from THIS place. 

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