The Elevator Speech That’s All About Them

In today’s Armitage Millionaires Club, we’re hosting our first masterminding and networking event.

You know, any time you head into a networking event … even a backyard BBQ at a neighbor’s house, it’s best to have your elevator speech at the ready. Now, I’m not saying you’re a walking, talking billboard for yourself with this THING you’ve memorized. In fact, quite the contrary.

First, to define an elevator speech … (I’m sure you’ve heard this before) … imagine you’re at a big conference of friendly people. You’re getting in an elevator at lobby level, and you’re riding to the 8th or 9th floor.  Someone turns to you and, out of the blue, asks you what you do.

Chortling out something like, “I’m Bill, and I’m a software engineer at Microsoft,” is not the proper elevator speech. It gives your listener nowhere to go.

Remember, it’s always about THEM. It’s always about what your ideal client needs to solve in their lives to be happier, more joyful, wealthier, etc.

Elevator speeches follow the same A-I-D-A rules of thumb that I teach in all my copywriting classes:
You want to get their Attention first with the biggest obstacle your ideal client is facing.
You spool them in by saying more about how gargantuan this obstacle seems to be – that’s Interest.
You then offer your solution, how you’ve solved this gargantuan obstacle with what you do – that’s Desire because now your ideal client wants what you’ve got.
And then you suggest they take Action.

That may seem daunting, but it’s SUPER EASY when you simply fill in the blanks on this leading sentence I suggest:

You know how … (explain how people have this issue or obstacle)?
Well, I/my company … (explain how you solve this issue or obstacle)
Optional: And we (explain one quick benefit or offer)

This should be about 30 seconds in length . . . .

You know how most startup businesses struggle with their marketing because they can’t really afford an in-house marketing department yet? (ATTENTION)
And they spend all this time trying to find this great website team or that fantastic marketing writer … and they’re not even sure these people really even KNOW the latest in marketing . . . (INTEREST)
So, I created a Marketing Alchemy Academy. Members can access more than 100 step-by-step videos in EVERY aspect of marketing, AND I also meet with these business owners every month to help them with immediate hands-on solutions. (DESIRE) It’s really been awesome!

You know how everything is video, video, video these days but most people have no idea how to produce or post videos for their own businesses? (ATTENTION)
And, even if they do post, they may not know all the latest ins and outs for social media or YouTube or LinkedIn, so they don’t get any traction anyway. (INTEREST)
Well, I have a team that ONLY specializes in video production that really tells our clients stories and gets them out consistently…and correctly … in front of THEIR ideal clients. We just take all the pain out of moving into the video world! (DESIRE)

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