Lion’s Gate This Week Opens The Gate Wide

Every August 8th, Lion’s Gate emerges from its den. Even if you don’t believe in its astrological/metaphysical reasonings, it’s a great reminder to kickstart that dream you’ve been stuttering on.

For the next several days through Aug. 12th, Lion’s Gate promises enhanced opportunities when you step into your own power and finally do what you’ve been thinking of doing (or, better, yearning to do). Now is the time to be bold and brave!

Get clarity on that BIG dream NOW

Today is the best day to sit down and get very clear on where you want your path to lead in the year ahead. Put your ego in the back seat (i.e. “But what if they don’t like me? What if I’m not good enough? What if I’m too old? What if I’m too tall?) and tell your old, ranting paradigm to take a hike, (i.e. Don’t I need a college degree for that? How am I going to make it happen on these limited funds? How am I supposed to make money doing this? They’ve never crowded around me before . . . why would they do it now? What would my Mother think? Don’t I need to check with someone for approval?)

Let your spirit spool and soar.

What WOULD you do if you had absolutely no limitations?
Lion’s Gate reminds you that you don’t have any limitations; you’ve got all the power and support you need inside you and all around you. Tap into that awesome power of yours (that’s always been there) and step out with confidence and assurance. Set your new beginnings now. Then, especially over the next several days this week, take decisive action, even if it scares the crap out of you.

Opt out of the negative energy

It is said that Lion’s Gate stirs up empowering energy, and that means all the other energy that isn’t feeling so powerful is bound to show up in a more noticeable way this week.  These lower energy vibrations could be yours bubbling up as you embark on this path, and they could belong to the rest of the world out there. As Rev. Michael Beckwith told us in his Sunday sermon this morning, “Consciously opt out of the world of appearances, the world of fear, and that world will scatter before you.”

Try this over the next 7 days …

Beckwith noted that over the next seven days, “Let what comes out of your mouth be ONLY what you wish to experience and manifest.”

So, between Aug. 8th and Aug 12th, imagine doing this:
1.   Truly commit to that 7-day experiment. (Yes, go read it again.)
2.  Spend some time getting clarity on on that new path. Strap your ego and paradigms into that back seat and take over the driver’s seat. Where do you REALLY REALLY want to go?
3.  Then … embark. Like … start this week. Take action any way you know how.
4.   Expect that opportunities and “serendipities” will greet you as you go.

Imagine what your life would look like by just the end of this week!




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