Diane’s Gifty Week of Bonuses

Bonuses End Monday, Sept 13th!

It’s my Birthday Week and you know what THAT means! Time once again for super bonuses and magical gifts for you throughout the entire week!

Now through midnight on Monday, Sept. 13th, enjoy the following super bonuses:

Diane Armitage’s Navigating Your Way to Millions Club:
How Millionaires THINK & DO to Take YOUR Business to 7-Figure Success, Too! 
Here’s the enlightened path to business success and personal wealth.

Climb aboard and set sail in this monthly membership with week after week of business strategies, mindset inspiration, and proven action steps from self-made millionaires and multi-millionaires. We’re quickly building a worldwide community of like-minded ENLIGHTENED entrepreneurs who are crossing that chasm into lasting millions.

Di’s Birthday Bonus for Navigating: When you join our monthly Navigating Your Way to Millions Club THIS WEEK (by Mon, Sept. 13th) you have SPECIAL BONUS access to

  • All of the Millionaire Interviews we’ve done to date
  • A hefty “Get STARTED” folder of comprehensive worksheets for your goal-oriented activities and introductory videos from me
  • Private community access to our Facebook group, The Armitage Collective
  • Ongoing 24/7 access to all of the lessons and millionaire interviews moving forward from your registration
  • Risk-free: Cancel your $100 monthly membership at any time. See ALL the monthly membership details here …  

Free Video + Downloadable PDF: The Clarity Manifestation Exercise 

Interested in what – exactly – Bob Proctor has taught me about the fastest way to manifest anything in your life manifestation? Click here to the top right of this Conversations  page for a detailed, fun explanation video: BONUS VIDEO: The Fastest Way to Manifest Anything, along with a download of my Clarity Manifestation PDF to help you roll “Operation Manifestation” into your own life today.



Conversations With Bob Proctor: The 8-Week Manifestation Workshop
After 26 years of working with Bob Proctor as his writer, I’m launching a workshop that will take the lid right off of your life.

From my coming soon book, Conversations With Bob, I’ve taken the 16 greatest lessons Bob has personally taught me and distilled them into an 8-week course and workshop that has every ability to turn your life on a dime. Wen you have the opportunity to learn what Bob taught me (to take your life straight up, too), you’re going to find that this is the most fun you’ve had in years. Check out this video, above, for the details and then go to the website, Conversations With Bob, to register!

Di’s Birthday Bonus for Conversations: When you register THIS WEEK ONLY (now through Mon, Sept. 13th) you receive more than 50% off the entry fee PLUS the first 20 registrants get a signed, free copy of my book when it publishes.

AND DI’s 3rd BIRTHDAY BONUS – The Abundance Immersion Method: Register for your first month of the Navigating Your Way to Millions Club and receive a super special combined bonus of both these programs

Bonus Live Webinar on Wed, Sept. 15th!
 Don’t miss my free webinar, “The 3 Life Changers Bob Proctor Taught Me (in our very first conversation)”

It’s LIVE on Wednesday, Sept. 15th but you can also grab its recording after the fact when you Register here

Every single one of the thousands of conversations I’ve had with Bob created new change in my life, but it all began with this FIRST conversation. In this live, 30-minute webinar, I’ll tell you what I learned from that 5-minute chat (that can change your life in a single day, too). More details here




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