Operation Manifestation & The Ocean-Perching Penthouse

“I think your tenants are moving soon.”

I had moved into my own apartment over the ocean in Laguna Beach and loved it there … Well, I loved it there before discovering “The Penthouse” directly above. I decided I would love it there more.

For weeks I’d been doing my research to find the owner of this amazing place. After calling and introducing myself with the usual niceties, I lofted my observation, “I think your tenants are moving soon.”

“No, that can’t be right,” she said. “They just signed a 2-year contract a couple months ago. They’re not going anywhere. They love it there.”

“Well, I can certainly understand they love the place because it’s awesome,” I said. “But, nonetheless, I’d like to ensure that I’m the next person to rent your penthouse. I have a security check here that I’d like to send you – I just need your mailing address.”

She chuckled. “I’m flattered you like the place but seriously, they just got settled in.”

“And they’re really lovely people; I’ve met them in the laundry room,” I said. “But I really think they’re going to be moving. Would you mind if I send you this check?”

“Weeeell,” she responded, not sure what to do with this unbalanced woman on the phone, “I’m not going to cash it but if you insist on sending it, I can give you my address.”

I mailed the security check that afternoon.

And then I called Bob Proctor. After being his writer for several years, I still credit him for forcing my hand to make the move to the city I most loved (but figured I could never afford), Laguna Beach.

After I acted on his suggestions and moved to the town in a matter of weeks (no one was more surprised than me), I continued to act on the “manifestation” recommendations he gave me as we  spent days, weeks and months kibitzing over new scripts, marketing content, program curriculum and my life.

“Bob, I need your help,” I said.

“What’ve you got going on now?” he asked.

I explained the penthouse and my conversation with the landlord. “I’m going to send you a couple photos of the place,” I said. “Would you just … you know … visualize me in it? If I’ve got YOUR visualizer on it, I just know it’s going to happen.”

“What about YOUR visualizer, Di?” he asked drily.

“Fully on and operational, sir!” I then ticked off the litany of “Operation Manifestation” action items he’d taught me over the years. After hanging up from our call, I drove to the closest storage unit facility and rented a sizable unit there.

Over the next several months, my affirmation and action never flagged. Bob had taught me many years prior that “The Affirmation” was certainly the foundational starting point, but “Action” built the walls of the castle.

I bought rugs and furniture for the penthouse. I considered hundreds of paint samples, finally deciding on – and buying – cans of paint for each of the penthouse rooms. I decided that the long side patio of the penthouse deserved flowing white curtains like I’d admired at the Delano South Beach Hotel in Miami. They, too, were purchased and tucked away in the storage unit.

Every time I had groceries, I would first walk them up to the penthouse door and say a quiet “hello” to my soon-to-be-door before heading down the stairs to where I resided. On one of those occasions, I realized I hadn’t yet purchased a welcome mat for the sizable penthouse entry … that was next in the storage unit.

A few months later, I can still remember exactly where I was when I saw the penthouse landlord’s number light up my phone. I pulled to a side street, already knowing what she was going to say. The (rather astounded) woman told me that her tenants had decided to purchase a home in a nearby town and she wondered if I’d be willing to move quickly.

Of course I could move quickly. Months prior, I had given my existing landlord notice with a month-to-month lease, and I had a bulging storage unit ready and waiting for a moving truck.

A week later, I was living on top of the world in the penthouse over the ocean.

“Operation Manifestation” worked once again. It’s been an unfailing, strategic, proven-path course for my life from the very first day I had a “chance” meeting with Bob Proctor in 1994.

Life can be every magical moment you want it to be. Make the decision. Take the expectant action. And celebrate well in advance!

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