How That Genie Guy Works

Hey there! Back again! You are steam rollin’ it!

So, in the last blog, I ended with a couple of exercises for you.  I asked you to think about what you REALLY want.  And I asked you to think about what you’re good at doing.

I’m hoping you made some interesting discoveries.  I’ve had a lot of people tell me that when they work through this exercise, they’ll land on something that’s so true for them that they sorta jump out of their skin for a second. You know that moment when you feel this little leap or kick right around your heart area? Not indigestion. Nope, I’m not talking about gas.  It’s more like … feeling surprised or startled. 

Know what that is? That’s the GENIE I’ve been telling you about. You just shook him awake. He’s been the one hanging out, eating Twinkies on the couch, binge-ing Tik-Tok, pretty much giving up on any hope that you’ll start wanting something you REALLY want.  Just think of how many bored genies are out there in our world.  And by now, you’ve woken up your genie. 

What do you do?

Well, let’s go back to those lists you were making on what you really want and what you love to do.  Let’s go back to that hiccup feeling you got when your genie woke up from a deep snore. 

What prompted that? 

I just barely mentioned this in my previous blogs, but now it’s going to be a bigger player. I mentioned that you have two parts to your mind – your Conscious Mind and your Subconscious Mind. This is where your genie gets involved and makes things happen or not happen, so listen up. 

Your Conscious Mind is where you think

You pick up thoughts from other people, or you come up with your own thoughts, either way. As those thoughts fly into your Conscious Mind, you usually don’t notice them – you just accept them as truth and WHOOP, down the chute they go into your Subconscious Mind. 

Your Subconscious Mind can’t block the chute. It has to accept every thought you feed it. It figures you were the gatekeeper.  You made a decision to let that thought down the chute.  So, it just shrugs and figures it’s supposed to act on it now. 

Your Subconscious Mind has two jobs. 

First, it watches you to see if you really mean this thought.  If you’re emotional in some way around it, it figures this thought is golden. You clearly WANT this thought because you’re so damned emotional about it. Alright already!

AND, if you keep shoving the same thought down the chute again and again, it figures you’re seriously serious about making this thought a reality. 

So, ANY idea you’re either EMOTIONAL about or REPEATEDLY repeating a lot in your head – your Subconscious Mind decides it’s time for its next job: It MOVES INTO ACTION to make this thought a reality.  That’s the genie I’ve been telling you about. That’s really your Subconscious mind. It accepts your thought as a WISH, you know the rest of the story –  “your wish is my command.” 

A-BLAMMO!!!  Done. Finito. Good to go.

Only one small problem here.   Remember, your Subconscious Mind just accepts what comes down the water slide, my friend. It has no ability to see if it’s something that’s good for you or bad for you. It just does its genie thing.  

I know you’re not stupid. I see you connecting the dots.  A lot of that negative stuff in your life … that same crap that seems to keep happening to you.  Well, you kind of put your own genie on it. “Your wish is my command, baby!”

We’ll get into more of that erasing of the negative stuff a little later. Right NOW, let’s focus on the POSITIVE stuff.  You can create repeated negative experiences. AND, you can create repeated positive experiences. Your choice – YOU CHOOSE those thoughts, remember?

We’re going to do a little exercise here to help you with understanding the connection between your Conscious Mind and your Subconscious Mind and how they have to work together to make any big dream of yours a reality. 

What does it look like? How do you feel having it? 

Picture yourself sitting at the top of a giant water slide somewhere. Like a GIANT one for people who mean business. I’m not talking about the board closest to the water at the municipal pool for the beginners – this is a seriously serious water slide.  This is a rollercoaster on water. 

You are currently sitting at the top of the slide, looking down that slide. 

Now, take a minute to think of something you REALLY want in your life. If you were to suddenly blink your eyes and – POOF – it was there, what would it be? What does it look like? How do you feel having it? 

One hint here – Don’t make it about another person – NO. This is not about transferring your happy thought for YOUR life into something about someone ELSE making you feel a certain way. Great that they make you happy, cool. But this is ONLY AND ALL ABOUT YOU.

SO, do you have that thought in your head?  I don’t care how crazy it may seem. I want you to just give yourself a few seconds to feel how it feels to actually have this COME INTO BEING in your life.  Like you’ve already actually accomplished it or you’ve already gotten it. 

Now, I want you to push off and let your amazing NEW thought do all the loop-de-loops all the way down that water slide into your subconscious mind. And as you’re getting closer to the water …what? Lo! There’s your GENIE (of all things) right there in the pool doing a little doggie paddle, just waiting for you and your attached amazing thought to splash down. As soon as you land, that genie is grabbing your idea. He means business. That’s how it works, my friend.  

What was it that you decided you wanted? You know what you’ve just done? You’ve just created your first goal.  Look at you! All dignified and all that, making GOALS now.

As you go through your day today, put up those bug antennae of yours and start paying attention to the thoughts people are sending your way. Be aware of what your friends are saying to you, what your teachers or parents or even YouTube is saying – stuff these people may believe that, until today, you really didn’t think twice about. 


Every thought you accept,  down the water slide it goes. And there’s your genie, doing a few lazy backstrokes now, just waiting to ACT on whatever that thought is. Do you REALLY believe it?  Do you really want THAT thought jamming down your water slide? 

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