Seminar: 8 Pillars to Profitable, Confident Speaking Success

For 27 years, I’ve helped some of the largest speakers in the motivational industry attract their audiences, sell their tickets, create their back-of-room product for sale, and help them shine on stage.

From Les Brown, to Bob Proctor,Tony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, Mary Morrissey, The Secret teachers and more, I’ve been behind the scenes, happily helping them achieve multi-million dollar success.

But I never set foot on my OWN stage as a speaker until October 2020.

This was at the EXACT same time that people all around me were telling me:

“Events are dead.  There are no speaking opportunities.
The seats are all empty.  No one has an audience.”

It’s true: in 2020, everything changed for the speaking industry. But the good news?  There are events with audiences ALL AROUND YOU, just looking for a great speaker!

Now, in a year’s time, I’ve created an entirely new audience, ongoing membership platforms and a very lucrative stream of new income.

Why did I stall all that time to become a speaker in my own right?

Well … probably because I didn’t have something like the “Master the Stage” event to walk me through my unspoken fears and objections while helping me create every single aspect I needed to succeed in the marketing of myself and my events.

On Nov. 4th – 6th, my friend Jen Coffel is presenting the virtual event, “Master the Stage 2021” with special Keynote Speaker (and my dear client) Jack Canfield.

“Master the Event” General Admission tickets are an uncanny (and rather unbelievable) $97 with VIP Admission (worth it, in my opinion) at just $297.

Registration is here

This is a 3-day game changer for your speaking business.

In just 3 days, you will be learning the 8 Pillars to the Profitable Speaking Signature System that will absolutely help you create much greater speaking visibility and increased bookings as you head into 2022. 

Pillar #1Heal the Headache – Discover your ideal client, identify their problem and offer your unparalleled solution

Pillar #2Get Booked Bio – Crate celebrity, credibility and connection in one place. People will jump at the chance to book you.

Pillar #3The Lead Magnet – Create the perfect freebie gift to grow your list.

Pillar #4Your Origin Story – Craft your unique personal transformation story easily and authentically to connect with your target audience.

Pillar #5Powerful Principles – Strategically design your signature talk content to attract ideal clients and leave them wanting more.

Pillar #6Tantalizing Titles – Create “come hither” titles that excite meeting planners and tell your ideal clients they can’t miss your talk.

Pillar #7The Art of the Offer – create a compelling offer or free gift during your talk. (This is where the $ is. Trust me on this one. This is really where I focused so much of my effort and energy in regard to my giant speakers because it was LEVERAGE in the purest sense for them.)

Pillar #8Talk Takeaways – Replace the old boring “talk description” with copy that promoters can use to fill every seat in the room – whether live and physical or virtual!

That just about covers it all, folks. 

If you’re ready to truly launch a serious business as a coach, speaker, marketer and practicing professional, now is the time.
This gets you set for a glorious new year in 2022! Remember, Master the Event registration is just $97 for General Admission and $297 for VIP

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