Vision Boards

Welcome back, you limitless human, YOU.  

I know.  It takes some getting used to. I have every confidence in you. 

It’s important to go through a few primary recommendations.  As you’ll see, daily attention to each is suggested.  This requires less time than you think.  But on the other hand, this isn’t like an assignment you have to force yourself to do, so I don’t want you rushing through these activities.

As easy as it is to skip over these tools, don’t give into that impulse. You’re going to find out very shortly that all that reasoning in your head that informs you of your limitations – not enough time, too much to do, WHEN is this going to work? – all that stuff that might probably bubble up – belongs to the person you USED to be. 

If you really and truly want to move into a place of a NEW person you wish to BECOME, you have to apply yourself, just as you do in anything else you’ve really wanted in life. 

So, today I want to start with the importance of Visualization.  I’m going to start by saying some words in rapid succession. 

Your phone
A refrigerator
A giraffe
Your favorite musician
The YouTube logo
Your favorite color
Jumping jacks
A tennis ball
Your best friend
A hamburger
An angel
The moon


I’m willing to 100% bet that when I said ALL of those words, you saw pictures in your mind for each and every one of them. EVEN IF you’ve never seen these things in person. Even if you’ve never done a single jumping jack in your life.  You don’t see the WORDS – you see the IMAGES the words represent. You didn’t see the WORD “hamburger” spell out in your head, right? 

There are three important take-aways here. 

First, your brain is absolutely amazing.  It’s an electronic switching station that moves so quickly, nothing else in the world can even match its speed.  You flipped through those pictures in your mind without any effort. 

Second, your mind sees in pictures. It instantly translates words into pictures for you. Unless the word is something like “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”? I’m betting as soon as I said that WORD, you probably came up with an image of Mary Poppins or cartoon dancing penguins because who can see THAT word in their head anyway?   

Don’t ask me why your mind is this way. It just is.

And, third, your mind doesn’t care if it’s a NOUN or a VERB.  When I said “jumping jacks” you pictured a person doing jumping jacks, right?  When I said “dancing,” you came up with something that resembles that activity.  

What If I said the word DEBT?  What picture popped into your head?

What if I said the word BROKE? What if I said the word OVERDRAWN?

How about WEALTHY?How about RICH?

As crazy as it may sound, SOME people see negative images when they hear the words “WEALTHY” or “RICH.”

In just a few lessons from now,  we’ll talk more about a certain operating system that’s been coded into your brain and body – it’s the culprit responsible for negative pictures around what most people think of as a positive picture. 

Bottom line, pictures trigger emotions.  And being emotionally involved with that picture in your head is one giant KEY to getting everything you want FASTER.  

As docile and elementary as this may sound, we need to replace the bad pictures with good pictures, and we need to replace good pictures with GREAT pictures because THAT’s where we want our emotions to be – on the great side of good.  

Visualizing those great pictures of how your IDEAL life looks is KEY.  You don’t want to think about how great your life is GOING TO BE.  You want to think about how you’ve ALREADY achieved it and how great THAT looks NOW. This is a very important factor you need to keep in mind.  

It’s why so many people spend 5 minutes each morning visualizing. Some people put music on that puts them in that space of visualizing – like the David Bowie FAME song that Cadillac decided to borrow to show THAT lush and luxurious life of every Cadillac owner. Music is a great emotional and visual catalyst, for sure.

It’s also why so many people do vision boards.  Now, if you’ve heard of “vision boards” and scoffed, you’re probably under the impression that vision boards are for people who like scrapbooking. Maybe kids in kindergarten or frilly ladies with lots of cats.  Wrong.

Kobe Bryant had vision boards.  Ellen DeGeneris has vision boards. Beyonce has a vision board. Cardi B has a vision board. Steve Harvey has vision boards. In fact, he said recently, “What’s on my vision board now is astronomical. And guess what? I’m gonna get all of it.”  

Vision boards are a simple compilation of photos, magazine photos, New York Times bestseller lists, copies of your bank account with all the dollars significantly changed. Whatever those visuals may be, vision boards are an instant snapshot attached to instant positive emotion that flood every neuron of that brain of yours – the electronic switching station – which then serves up cells of recognition the PICTURES  that your Conscious Mind grabs. 

And it all happens in a nano-second because that’s how your brain works.  Speed of light stuff. But every time you look at that vision board … BOOM! The great life that you’re experiencing right now, as IF it’s already been achieved. 

People always ask what they should put on their vision boards.  Well, I’m not you!  This is all about you, baby!

YOU want for YOUR life.  That’s the stuff you put on your vision board. 

How do you want to live your life? What do you want to have? What is a happy fulfilment for you?   Start with your favorite magazines. Grab screenshots of photos on the web. As one of the speakers on the movie, “The Secret,” said “This is kind of fun. You’re essentially ordering from the catalog of the Universe.” 

Easy and simple? Yep.  A craft project for kids? Heck no. This is the craft project of your LIFE.

So … get on it!  Next, I’ll be talking about another important tool, AFFIRMATIONS. 

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