Nov 9th Live: Jenna Zwagil

Imagine working at a Wendy’s in a gas station in Las Vegas … and being fired … and, then, within a few short years, earning more than $1 million a month as the #1 Network Marketer in the World.

THAT’S who I’m interviewing on Wed, Nov. 9th in my next Millionaire Interview Series. It starts at 11 am PST/2 pm EST and this is something that will turn your head on end as Jenna Zwagil graces our stage and answers your questions.

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This is not about anyone recruiting you to her organization. This is the story of a woman who – against all odds that included divorce, bankruptcy, chronic and worsening health issues and poverty, poverty, poverty – made a decision to CHANGE HER MIND. As a result, she changed her life!

Here’s your opportunity to explore the phoenix rise from the ashes, to really see how someone can travel quickly from poverty to endless prosperity and how YOU can do this too.

You may have had a rough year (or three or 20) … you may feel that it’s time to make that big change. You may be in a network marketing company or in commissioned sales or you might be in your own business or even someone else’s business. What Jenna has to say applies to anyone and everyone who’s had it with settling.

If you’re already a member in my classes, you have a ZOOM seat reserved for you. If you’re not a member, not a problem – I’ve priced this guest pass at just $10!

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