Do You Ever Feel Barricaded From Success?

I’m here to share with you what I personally know – my own journey from way back there … to magnificent life over here.

Over these many years of working with leaders in the personal development industry, I’ve only written programs and created engaging curriculum for what REALLY works … and I know it works, because it worked for me (and I wasn’t an easy case study!).

I can help you achieve what you want in the fastest timeframe and in a way that piles on more abundance, wealth, health and true joy for a lifetime (instead of just a couple motivated weeks).

Since I began coaching and consulting people and organizations on creating the lives and businesses they deserve, I’ve found one thing to be true across the board:

You crave the ability to create WHATEVER you want in your life. You have this vision of what success means to you … but you feel somehow barricaded from it.

Maybe you didn’t get the right breaks.
Maybe you weren’t born into the right family.
Maybe you married into the WRONG family (yikes!).

If you’ve been banging your head against the wall experiencing the same things in life that you DON’T WANT …

… I know I can help you because I was there once myself. 

I know you want more than anything for the barriers to melt away and for all those people or circumstances holding you back to just STOP and give you a break. You want that glimmer of hope, a lifeline to grasp that will pull you, hand over hand, into the life of your dreams.

That life of your dreams is closer than you think.
And YOU’VE had the lifeline all along.
(See?! Look how easy this is going to be.)

Meet Diane Armitage

30 years ago, Diane Armitage was a brand new entrepreneur who had absolutely no idea what she was doing. But then she came across the “EPIC switch.” And everything changed.

Nicknamed “The Creator to the Creators, “The Secret Weapon,” and “The Millionaire Maker” by clients like Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown, and many of The Secret teachers,  Diane has written, advised, strategized and created with and for these powerhouses for decades.

As 27-year owner of her global  digital marketing agency, Diane and her team have created more than $90 million in success stories for the above clients as well as entities such as,, RE/MAX International and

Now, Diane consults and mentors at a global level, teaching an “enlightened millionaire” proven strategy for an abundant life and exponential business growth.

In her spare time, Diane also created one of the largest resort destination platforms in Southern California, and has personally authored four books including her soon-to-release book, Conversations With Bob Proctor, a tale of the greatest manifestation lessons her mentor, Bob Proctor, personally taught her.

Diane Armitage lives “on the edge” in Laguna Beach, California.