We all know that some people in the network marketing industry make millions of dollars a year. We crane our necks to look at them all the way up there and make suppositions about what they’re like as people to have climbed the golden ladder so efficiently. We might think they’re bold, brash, assertive… maybe even pushy.

It’s why Jenna Zwagil, the #1 network marketing earner in North America, and the 2nd highest earner in the world, is so incongruous.

In fact, she’s an absolute anomaly.

A self-proclaimed introvert, Jenna perches on stage like a rare, small bird, her “power suit” typically a t-shirt and hippie skirt. She speaks casually, an occasional peppering of swear words, as if she’s just kibitzing with you – her long-time friend – over coffee. Her smiles are genuine, happy smiles that draw people to her. You may conclude she’s sort of… well… darling.

But there’s a dynamic and energetic hum to Jenna Zwagil, an underground rumble of sorts. It is direct, on-purpose and always, always there.


And, as she begins to talk and mentor people on a better way to succeed in network marketing, you can feel that deep rumble of bright energy grow in intensity, just as sure as standing on a platform waiting for an approaching train. Before you know it, Jenna Zwagil has swept you up, wrapped you in, and set you on a new journey that may or may not have anything to do with getting involved in network marketing.

For Jenna, it’s all about creating a better life for yourself, period. It’s about finding and igniting your personal passion and purpose, invoking full-circle self-discovery, recognizing and dumping your crap from the past, and coming to understand that the magic is real… and YOU hold that wand.

Welcome to Jenna Zwagil’s world.