Start Your Summer with a Blockbuster Series That Lasts Your Entire Life Long!

5 Weeks of My “Biggest Whopper” Lessons!`

As we’re all celebrating the return of summer blockbuster movies at theaters,  I’ve decided to create a new Blockbuster Series just for you in the month of June. Starting June 4th on each Tuesday thru July 2nd, I’ll be teaching my 5 biggest lessons LIVE!

These are the BIG WHOPPER LESSONS  – from more than 300 week-after-week teachings –  that my long-time clients say are the most mind-blowing, get-unstuck-and-get-moving lessons EVER. (And yes, they’re packed full of stories and metaphors.)

  • I’ll teach you the life-altering mind techniques that’ll have you leaping across buildings like Neo in The Matrix and running on top of trains like James Bond.

  • You’re going to be whip-cracking those old, limiting beliefs around money as easily as Indiana Jones takes down the bad guys.

  • You’ll be accessing The Force to instantly change your trajectory just as easily as Yoda levitated Luke’s starship from a mucky swamp of goo.

  • And you’ll be unleashing your built-in gifts to take down ANY invading oppressor of your life better than the whole crew of Avengers put together!

As my last Legendary live teaching series for several months …

This short series is going to be a true Blockbuster – proven life-changing, awareness-evolving lessons that finally clock it out of the park for you in sudden understanding and a new knowingness moving forward

In other words, you can’t help but levitate yourself out of the swamp-like gooey aspects of your life that have always held you back from being who you really want to be … and how you really deserve to live. 

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This 6-week series includes:

  • Your One-on-One 45-minute Session personally with me to get to the bottom of the sticking points in your life that need to be over. 
  • You’ve got email and texting access to me throughout the entire 5 weeks – that’s right! And I respond, too (not AI, not an assistant, not a junior coach – you’re contacting me, so you get me in return)
  • Live Weekly Reading Group of the pertinent material (led by me)
  • Live Weekly Teaching and Mentoring Classes (taught by me)
  • Live  Weekly Pop Up Coaching Booth Q & A sessions for Blockbuster community only (ask any question as I sit on the hot seat and I’ll help you through to the other side)


You also receive nearly 4 hours of on-demand teaching from my most popular masterclasses: 

BONUS #1: My masterclass, “Amping Up Your Money Mojo Permanently”

BONUS #2: My masterclass, “Joint Venture Genius: Easily Create Bigger Visibility, Bigger Lists & Bigger Money!”

BONUS #3: My masterclass, “You ARE the Magic Pill” 


VIP BONUS #1: 90 days of access after the course concludes so that you’ve got this fresh material to sustain, support and evolve you throughout the entire summer

VIP BONUS #2: Twice weekly text advice and tips from me throughout the summer to keep you on track and never alone

VIP BONUS #3: VIP Access to Monthly Di’s Pop UP Coaching Booth on July 11th and Aug. 1st to immediately handle your ongoing questions and stuck points. 

5 Mind-Blowing, Get-Unstuck-and-Get-Moving Lessons

June 4 – July 2
Live Classes + Workshops
+ Private & Public Coaching Booths
+ Replays of all
+4 Hours BONUS Masterclasses
+3 VIP Long-Term BONUSES

Everything that’s included:

“Bat Phone” Access to Diane Armitage via text and email 
I personally coach in what I call the “Bob Proctor Mentoring Style” because he was always there for me whenever I had questions, confusions or Terror Barrier moments. This is critical for your fastest growth and implementation.

Legendary Weekly Live Reading Club Tuesdays, 9:30 am ET for 45 minutes.
This reading group is extremely important as it sets the stage for the live teaching classes.

Legendary Weekly Live Classes + Optional Legendary Coaching Booth Session Tuesdays, 11:00 am ET for 1.5 hours
Advanced live teaching classes that include Immediate Implementation Worksheets, workshops and discussions. Each live class is 45 minutes followed immediately by a 30-45 minute optional Legendary-only Coaching Booth with live Q&A.

What people are saying about Diane Armitage

Master Teacher Diane Armitage

30 years ago, I decided to create my life on my terms (Having Bob proctor hire me as his 27-year Writing Partner certainly. helped in that transformation.)

I came from a place of struggle – especially financial bummerhood – to a world that proved even better than my dreams. Now I devote my days to helping other people escape from their own financial bummerhood and get busy living the life and acting on the dreams they have a passion for.

Choose for yourself. Be bold! The day you step out for your better life, you only have to take that first step. I’m right here to help you with the rest.