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The 16 Greatest Manifestation Lessons
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It's Time to Let Your Magic Fly

When I started writing Bob Proctor’s marketing and curriculum in 1995, I unwittingly embarked on the most mind-exploding, wildest, whackiest ride of my life.

Although some of his mild (and completely calm) suggestions may have seemed at the time like  precarious cliff-hanging turns to me, I’ve never regretted a single moment. Over the many years, and after hours and hours of kibbitzing back and forth, Bob became my closest mentor and friend, guiding me through the brain-freezing, paradigm-squishing moments that revealed a whole new world to me.

In fact, it revealed a whole new ME.

And now, over 8 weekly live sessions, I’m going to teach YOU the 16 greatest manifestation lessons Bob Proctor has taught me.

But I’m not just going to be teaching you … you’re going to be learning how to DO
and BE a whole new you, too.  

When I started working with Bob, I considered myself a big achiever, but I was weighed down with all those common things that have us talked into feeling like average, every-day humans instead of the super-powered and empowered beings we truly are. Bob Proctor helped me remember that, and he believed in me even when I faltered, wondered and wandered my way along.

I know that you, too, are a super-powered, empowered being. And I believe in you, too. That’s what this 8-week course is going to help you unleash and lead your life your way.

It may feel a little whacky.
It may feel a little uncomfortable.
But it’s never going to be painful.

We’re on an adventure, my friend. So, pack your PB&J sandwich and your chocolate pudding cup, and let’s set out on the field trip of your life.

It all starts Thursday, Sept. 23rd at 10 am PST/1 pm EST with all classes recorded for 24/7 access in our membership platform! 

The Fastest Way to Manifest Anything!

As a preview to Diane’s “Conversations With Bob 8-week Manifestation Workshop,” check out this video on The Manifestation Clarity Exercise, one of the biggest lessons Bob taught Diane, and a lesson that will be expanded upon in the workshop.

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What You'll Be Learning & Doing in Just 8 Weeks

  • What would you really LOVE?
  • Making a decision on that quiet nudge 
  • Finding your supportive community
  • Integrity boot camp (why it’s the foundational key to every success)
  • The Manifestation Clarity exercise
  • How to write the Magical Goal Card
  • Breaking it down to the ridiculous
  • Ideas for taking the first wobbly step on the really BIG dream
  • Why understanding this natural progression will keep you from feeling frustrated
  • When it all falls apart
  • Making friends with the Terror Barrier
  • What it REALLY means to “act as if”
  • How to reach the “far out” goal in the speed of light (understanding this Law helps)

It’s Time to Let Your Magic Fly.  

In this 8-week course, Diane will be … 

  • Available to you via email throughout the entire course as your mentor and support.
  • Teaching 2 short chapters live each week with Q & A to follow.
  • Offering weekly, unique exercises to embark on before the next class meets – these are the same exercises Bob instructed Diane to do.
  • Depositing the weekly chapters and exercises in your own membership platform for 24/7 access up to 3 months after the course is completed.
  • Celebrating your wins in a private FB page for group participants.

Here's What Bob Proctor Has to Say About Diane Armitage

Download Bob’s own foreword in the book, “Conversations With Bob” here. 

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