Spark Your Quantum Leap

Thanks for your purchase of the “Spark” package!


You will find three video/written lesson items in the courses directly below:

1. Click on “Law of Cause & Effect” for that 45-minute video lesson. 
2. Click on “Terror Barrier” and you’ll see the X Y Factor PDF lesson under the video screen. I’d suggest you read that FIRST as it gives you so much greater background and depth of understanding BEFORE you begin the 45-minute video lesson, “Terror Barrier.”

3. When you’ve completed these pieces, please go to to set up your first 45-minute 1-on-1 coaching call.  

Remember, the secret to winning over formidable circumstances lies deep inside your own mind. It IS the workshop where strategy is clearly forged. Together, we will tap into and harvest this incredible mental resource. (And the surprising truth is that this secret and power is in your possession right now!) 

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