A Dream Without a Goal is Just a Wish

Dissatisfaction with your life is actually a healthy, creative state of mind. When you’re dissatisfied, you’ll begin to think of ways to improve it, which results in setting the goal. What are you capable of possessing, of doing, of being?

If you’ve read my book, LEAP!, or if you’ve participated in any of my live classes, you know that I encourage you to set significant goals, goals that probably seem completely out of reach … because these are the only goals that matter!

Just submit your info here for a sheet of goal cards that you can write and post in different locations, perhaps in your wallet, your home or your car. Seeing and repeating the goal begins the magical process between your conscious and subconscious mind. 

Submit your info here for immediate access to this Goal Card

Thanks for your interest in starting your own Goal Cards, one of the most pivotal tools you can use in your life moving forward. This is a Goal Card Template, so every time you have a new goal to accomplish, simply print the sheet again and set off running.