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7 non-nonsense, readily applicable LEAP teaching modules (audio and video) + follow-along mind-expanding workbook exercises:

Launch Class – What Would You Love?

Step  1 – What Would You Love?
Is That an A, B or C Goal?

Step 2 – Target Your Goal
Why Super Clarity Matters

Step 3 – Add a New Belief
Your Thought, Your Belief 
BONUS: Create Great Vibrations

Step 4: Raise Your Vibrations
The Key to Being the Vibrational Match
BONUS: Guided Goal Visualization

Step 5: Build Your Buoys
The Buoy Exercise
Thinking With the End in Mind

Step 6: Bring the Heat
Catalysts, Creators & Polka Dotted Fish

Step 7: Leap Into the Day
Ask Your Inner Spirit Guide Meditation

Master Class Session: 5 Must Haves to Sail to Stunning Success

Di’s Pop Up Coaching Booth: 2 of the most popular replays from her best-selling live coaching experience.   

“Leap! was THE
proven combination power pack to my success!”

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