Ignite Your Magical Life

I can help you get to the magical life you envision for yourself. But I don’t have the magic pill …

YOU have the pill. Actually, you ARE the magic pill. But you probably haven’t figured that part out yet. 

That’s why “SPARK” is here for you. 
It’s time to ignite your life. It’s time to introduce yourself to the real fire, the real ability to create YOUR life YOUR way. 

As an online, ready-made program for you, this is a series of Diane Armitage’s most popular teaching modules, the most comprehensive articles she’s written, and her Clarity Exercise (with worksheet included). 

Then, it’s live interactive coaching with Diane as you work through what you truly want. Together, you’ll break down  the barriers and obstacles that keep you on THIS side of life looking all the way over THERE at the life you deserve. 

This “SPARK” package of advanced and fast-paced interaction, personal coaching, and live community with other like-minded Legendary folks is all you need to get moving.

Believe in the dream. Take those first steps. Ignite that passion. Ignite your life!

Legendary SPARK

Look at everything included in this program! 

Private 60-Minute Coaching Session with Diane (attendees from DuBois event: First 33 people in the door!)

30-page article: How Michelangelo’s Thought & Action Helps You Create Your Life’s Masterpiece 

Diane’s video class, 5 Phases to Getting Past the Knowing-Doing Gap

4 LIVE weekly sessions in “Di’s Pop -Up Coaching Booth” – ask questions, listen & learn in a high-vibe, like-minded community setting

The Clarity Exercise (video instructional and worksheets)

Diane’s video instructional, Living Your C-Goal Life