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Think for a moment of someone that you think is LEGENDARY. . .

That’s BIG, right?

People who are LEGENDARY …well, they live on a different plane. They’re outthinking and outperforming before the rest of the world has had its morning oatmeal.

You look at these people and you may think “THEM … not ME.”

But  … why not YOU?


You may not think it yet. You may not even recognize it yet. But the legendary YOU is right there under your skin. It’s already present in your very DNA.

It’s why I created Legendary: The Quantum Leap Experience.

Because it’s time. It’s time to do what you landed on this planet to do.

Only 3% of all the people on the planet take their lives, fortunes and futures into their own hands
 and accomplish their goals, living the life of their dreams.”
– Earl Nightingale

Most people don’t know that they ALREADY have the ability to accomplish whatever they choose.

They don’t know HOW to go  from here (where they are) … to way over THERE where all the Legendary life is.

I can show you how.

Because I’ve done it myself.

Nearly 30 years ago, I began working day-in and day-out with Bob Proctor. We spent hundreds of hours together working on new programs and curriculum. And my life began to change in a big way. But what REALLY caused the change?

I began to believe in me.

I began building the castle of my own life on my terms. 
Was it always Easy Street? Heck, no! But as the weeks and months rolled on, I felt like I was …

Right in the Perfect Mix of Life.

You can create that perfect mix, too. Imagine your whole life really humming – really moving – on a frequency you’ve never experienced before. You’ve finally realized…


You have ALL the power to create your own definition of “magic” in your life.

In this program, Legendary, I’m going to show you how to use simple, proven, timeless strategies to
Create Your Life Your Way.


What Does Life “Your Way” Look Like? 

An ongoing torrent of income that just keeps pouring in?

Fulfilling relationships in love and friendship?

A business or career that attracts clients like a magnet?

Moving to the city of your dreams or moving into the home of your dreams?

Landing on your purpose and serving from that space the rest of your life?

Traveling to the places you’ve always wanted to see (without a budget in mind)?

What if it were all of the above? 

Every foundational aspect to catapult your business


  • 2 Eye-Opening (and mind bending!) Interviews from Self-Made Multi-Millionaire Bruce Payetta PRICELESS
  • Diane on “The Difference Between A/B/C Goals” and What to Set for Your 2022 Business $197
  • Diane on “Stirring Up the Coals of Your Own Powerhouse Mind” $197
  • Diane on “I Want” Exercise with explanatory video $197


  • Monthly 1:1 Coaching Sessions with Diane $2,500
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Diane Armitage’s Legendary: Quantum Leap program is available in the format best suited to you.  

* Fastest Life Results = 12-month and 6-month live classes 

* “Toe in the Water” = 2-month live classes

* Online Study with Live Coaching & Support from Diane 

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Legendary is here waiting for you, waiting for you to simply decide … that you already are.