The Quantum Leap Experience

It’s time to do what you came to do.

Diane Armitage

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Why Settle for Ordinary When You Can Shape Extraordinary?

Think for just a moment of someone or some BUSINESS that you think is LEGENDARY. . .  That’s BIG, right? 

People who are LEGENDARY … well, they live on a different plane. They found their way to a bigger life stage

They fly higher

They create effortlessly.

They stumble into unreal opportunities.

They leap – recklessly it seems – but they always land in the money.

They attract all the right people to their new ideas – all the right clients knock down their doors and people line up outSIDE those doors for the chance to work with them.

Life without compromise … it’s how these people live 
This is what they do. 
In fact … They know it’s what they CAME here to do.

You look at these people and you may think “THEM … not ME.” 

But  … why not YOU?

This IS You!

THIS … IS …YOU! You may not think it yet. You may not even recognize it yet. But the legendary YOU is right there under your skin …it’s alive and sparkling in your very DNA. 

It’s why I’ve created the 4-month program Legendary: The Quantum Leap Experience

Because it’s time …
It’s time to do what you’ve landed on this planet to do.

Create YOUR legendary mark in this world.

The world is waiting. 

at a high-octane level
in your business and in your life. 

Over our four months together, you will be given a series of KEYS … empowering, titan-building secrets that are fundamentally simple but still aren’t taught anywhere in schools or MBA programs. 

These KEYS UNLOCK the DOOR … to YOU.

You’ll find yourself considering new options for your direction that you’ll swear weren’t even there a day ago. 

You’re going to be tuned IN and turned ON to a CREATIVE FREQUENCY that’s just been waiting all this time for you to step into its lush color, humor and fun.  

Imagine possessing an UNSWERVING belief … 

Imagine stepping into your day, your business, your life with an unquenchable, ALL-THINGS-ACHIEVABLE spirit …  

And as you prepare yourself for EXPECTED success … you will begin INTUITIVELY ACTING in a very unique, veer-off-the-path sort of way to CREATE that success.

So many entrepreneurs and business owners feel like they’re running a horse race every day of their lives. They get a few steps ahead … and then they fall back … they surge ahead again … and then they fall back. 

At year’s end, they’re crossing the finish line with the same track record they’ve had all along.  It’s a whole lot of sweat and hard work to get  … where?

The Quantum Leap Experience

changes all of that.
In fact, it changes everything.

It’s time to break away from the pack mentality and free yourself from living the “narrow, frustrated life” most business owners settle for.

Your Legendary Year Awaits

EVERY foundational aspect to catapult your business

(in 4 months, not years):


  • 2 Eye-Opening (and mind bending!) Interviews from Self-Made Multi-Millionaire Bruce Payetta PRICELESS
  • Diane on “The Difference Between A/B/C Goals” and What to Set for Your 2022 Business $197
  • Diane on “Stirring Up the Coals of Your Own Powerhouse Mind” $197
  • Diane on “I Want” Exercise with explanatory video $197


  • 12 Audio Lessons from Bob Proctor, The New Lead the Field Program $2,500
  • 12 PDF Lessons/Transcripts, The New Lead the Field Program $1,400
  • 12 Introductory Videos from Diane Armitage $2,000


  • 10 Live “Book Club” Reading Classes with Diane Armitage $2,500
  • 12 Engaging, Brain-Changing Live Class Teachings & Exercises with Diane Armitage $7,800
  • BONUS: Regular Guest Instructor Appearances From Multi-Millionaire Bruce Payetta Priceless
  • BONUS: Open Door Email Access to Diane Armitage Priceless


  • Success Stories in Action: Monthly “Ask Us Anything!” sessions with Diane Armitage and guests ONE FULL YEAR
    $12,000 over 12 months
  • Monthly Live Interviews & Q&A With Multi-Millionaire Business Owners & Industry Titans Priceless


  • 1-Hour On-On-One "2022 Rapid Results Strategy Session" with Diane Armitage $799 (comped for you)