Money Mojo Mastery – 6 Weeks Live starts Oct 19th

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It's Time to Get Your Money Mojo On!

It doesn’t matter how financially successful or unsuccessful you think you’ve been in life – there’s only one secret about MONEY …

Money is an energy and it loves like-minded MOJO (self-propelled powerful) energy. That’s why it’s time to get your real Money Mojo Mastery rocking.

Here’s the thing: 
Money – or the lack of it – will control you
OR you will control the money…
how you earn it, and how much you will earn.
Only then are you free to live the way you choose. 

How about we put YOU in charge of how much money you bring into your life? After all, you’ve been in charge all along … you probably just didn’t know it yet. 

In Money Mojo Mastery, I’m not teaching you the technique of making money – this isn’t about buying bitcoin or getting into network marketing or starting side hustles that require more expenditures of your capital and time.  Because none of that matters anyway. 

The skyscrapers fail if the foundation is weak
If you have a bad attitude about money – even if it’s an unconscious attitude – none of those techniques or endeavors are going to do very well for you anyway. 

As one of the authors I refer to in this 6-week course says, “Any attempt to change the outer world before you change the inner structure of your mind is to labor in vain. It is ALWAYS our inner state that attracts our outer life.”

Hard to believe, I know. How can YOU be responsible for the economic disasters around you that are affecting your own money stream and diminishing your money pile? 

You may not be directly responsible for all the economic fluctuations out there, but you are absolutely responsible for how you RESPOND to them. Your response tells the WHOLE world exactly what you think about money and what you think about YOUR money. If, for example, you respond from a place of lack, limitation, resentment, fear or worry, you’re setting up your own ripple effect that actually pushes money AWAY from you. 

Shift your INNER state

In Money Mojo Mastery, I focus on the only thing that matters – shifting your inner state so that wealth and lasting prosperity have no other option than to pile into your lap. 

And let’s face it – most of us are entirely UNCONSCIOUS to the habitual patterns of thinking we have that actually repel money. That’s what Money Mojo Mastery brings to light. Wouldn’t you rather uncover those so that you can get on with planting the right seeds in your consciousness to reap a much more bountiful harvest?

Super creative & fun

Over the six weeks of Mojo Money Mastery, we get to the truth of what’s been holding you back in a fun, inventive, super creative way. You might even say it’s funny. Why the sense of humor? Because everyone gets so SERIOUS about money, and that’s part of the problem. When you’re able to approach all of this with a sense of humor, it really puts where you belong – in the driver’s seat merely working with the energy of money as easily as a guy on a great big bulldozer scoops and moves great piles of dirt. 

It doesn’t matter where you are on the wealth scale. You can always go BETTER!

It doesn’t matter where you are on the wealth scale to participate in Money Mojo Mastery, either. This course helps people from all walks of life … people just above homelessness to millionaires who sit in to learn something new. I can assure you … every single one of us, regardless of our current economic status, thinks it would be magnificently phenomenal to have even more money at our disposal!

It’s time to re-engage that powerful mojo master that still resides in you but may not have had a lot of say in your life … until now. In other words, this Money Mojo Mastery reconnects you … with YOU, the powerful, limitless, genie-in-your-own-lamp YOU.   

Big bonus when you register by Mon, Oct. 16th  

One full hour with Diane

What’s personally tackle blocking you from your Money Mojo? You receive a one-on-one personal session with me to dive into the main issues, obstacles, frustrations, fears, resentment and any other emotion you have about MONEY so that you can take faster measures to free your Money Mojo. (Value: $799)

Why Money Mojo Will Get Money Rocking in Your Life

Your Recipe for Enlightened Wealth

Stop trying to make money or build your business the “traditional” way. The truth to your Money and Wealth Freedom has nothing to do with income roller coaster rides, working harder, longer hours, or throwing your life out of balance to attain what you desire. 

From the moment you join my 6-week live program beginning Thursday, Oct. 19th (just 2.5 hours in fast-moving classes each week), you’re going to be immersed in an environment that energizes and awakens a living, breathing consciousness within you that understands how money works and how to work with money. 

In just 6 weeks – and quite probably for the first time in your life – we’re going to jettison limiting thought patterns you’ve unconsciously held about money, put a halt to old thinking processes on how you’re “supposed to” make money, reset the “money thermostat” in your mind, remove the blinders that have kept you from seeing and acting on the opportunities all around you, and help you personally implement THE Recipe for Enlightened Wealth

Throughout this Money Mojo Mastery, you’ll be assertively measuring and mixing your money vision into actual reality. And when you have the RIGHT vision about money, it will color your world – permanently – in a beautiful new way.


Money Mojo Mastery helps you unlock the door to your financial freedom. Once and for all. 
• Weekly live reading class
• Weekly live teaching and implementation classes (that’s right, we ACT right away!)
• Weekly “Di’s Pop Up Coaching Booth”
• Bi-monthly Mojo Mastermind

Week #1 – Money Tapes in our Heads & Tuning into the Energy of Money
Week #2 – First Step: Change Your Expectations by Exiting That “Road TO Riches” (where riches never, ever arrive)
Week #3 – Second Step: Opening an Account at The Infinite Prosperity Bank and Partnering with The Law of Circulation
Week #4 – Third Step: Easy Millionaire Secrets to Establishing Multiples Sources of Income
Week #5 – Fourth Step: Stop Repelling Money with this Simple 2-Prong Method
Week #6 –  Fifth Step: Momentum Mapping the Wealth Reality You Deserve

“Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself,” says your already-existing Money Mojo

Stimulate your mojo in a whole new way
Until you broaden the view of YOU and the impact money can have on your business, career, industry, products and customers, you’re restricting the level of success you can have. Once you understand the impact, you’re quickly able to make that impact YOURS. 

Recognize profitable opportunities right under your nose
When you’re in the day-to-day of your business, it’s easy to let opportunities pass you by. It’s even easier to allow untapped assets already existing in your business to lay there, dormant. Diane offers clear guidelines for maximizing every opportunity you have.

Understand the ONLY foundation you need to make all this “magic” happen
Self-made success stories all share one unique trait. They may be conscious of it and they may not even know it’s in operation, but it’s the same trait, regardless. You’ll learn what the true secret really is (and yes, bets are on that you’ve already got it lurking around you). 

Millionaires and multi-millionaires showing you the way 
The secret to money is NOT working harder or longer hours. It’s all about leverage – where can you build in better MINDSET systems, and where can you build in better real-world effectiveness? These millionaire entrepreneur tips and tactics will steer you in the right direction. 

Specific, no-nonsense, fast-acting money-boosting techniques
If these bootstrap millionaires can figure this out, SO CAN YOU. Diane will share strategies and tactics she’s used in her own personal wealth growth as well as in her 30 years of  helping hundreds of entrepreneurs make their way to millionaire status (or grow from millionaire to multi-millionaire status). 

This isn’t rocket science
Money Mojo Mastery helps you take control of your life, your dreams and your business FINALLY and in a PROFIT-BOOSTING WAY  You will walk away from these 6 weeks with the ability to boost your money-making mojo at EVERY TURN and  implement with confidence, absolutely secure in the fact that you’ve found a way to rise above the masses.

In this 6-week course, everything you need is here to break the money mojo code

Lively classes + a community & network of high-minded innovators and action takers PLUS 3 Really Big Bonuses (read about them up there . . .)

  • Live weekly classes and interactive workshops that rework your mind’s wiring and introduce you to uncanny strategies and do-it-yourself actions that open the floodgates
  • Direct access to me personally in texts and emails for your personal direction, growth and support 
  • Live weekly Reading Club on all the best resources I’ve personally gleaned on making money from 30 years of study with Bob Proctor
  • Live weekly “Pop Up Coaching Booth” with 1.5 hours set aside each week in this amazing group format for any question you have as you tap into your Money Mojo
  • Live Mastermind sessions that’ll blow your mind. We’ve created a Legendary “third mind” that you’ve just got to experience for yourself!
  • Live interviews with Enlightened Multi-Millionaires who are ready and willing to give you their own implementation tips to catapult your growth.

Welcome to getting your Money Mojo on. (Game on, baby.)