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2024: Your most prosperous year in 36 years

The Year of the Dragon – 2024 promises to be an uncommonly amazing year for you.  And, while it’s powerful, in and of itself, something even bigger will be coming into play when you’re in MY world in 2024. 

I’ll explain it all on Jan. 4th.
Grab your seat now for my Open House on Jan. 4th, 9 am PT/noon ET, to get a live Sneak Peek into the undeniable, sheer magic of what’s already scientifically aligned for you that’s going to make ALL THE DIFFERENCE in the year 2024. It’s the most powerful year for your next 36 years!

This is the year you turn it all around, your most auspicious year in 3 decades.
Come to the Open House Sneak Peek and I’ll show you how to live fully in what has been offered you.  

We’re live on Zoom Thursday, Jan 4th, 9 am PT/12:00 PM ET 

In the Jan. 4th Sneak Peek…

Listen in: A giant, impactful lesson for the start of your year

Ask your burning questions in the renowned Di's Pop-Up Coaching Booth

Ramp up your power on every single move you make with a guided meditation

Games, Gifts, Prizes and Smokin' Hot Announcements, all in honor of the year ahead of us - The Year of the Dragon.

Bring your coffee or leftover eggnog and fruitcake. Block out this hour to hear some mind-bending, growth enhancing probabilities for YOU in the year ahead, the Year of the Dragon.


Join Diane on Thursday, Jan. 4th at 9 am PST/12:00 pm EST


About your host, Diane Armitage

30 years ago, I decided to create my life on my terms (Having Bob proctor hire me as his 27-year co-writer certainly. helped in that transformation.)

I came from a place of struggle – especially financial bummerhood – to a world that proved even better than my dreams. Now I devote my days to helping other people escape from their own financial bummerhood and get busy living the life and acting on the dreams they have a passion for.

Choose for yourself. Be bold! The day you step out for your better life, you only have to take that first step. I’m right here to help you with the rest