Outta the Gate Confirmation

Hey, awesome you!
Thanks for your purchase of “Outta the Gate 2023!”
 I’m glad you have some significant belief about significantly shifting the year ahead for both your existing or dreamed-of business and your personal world. 
I have belief in you, too, and I know our belief (and action) are going to grow in a big way. Together, it will be a stellar 60 days ahead. 
Everything starts on Tuesday, Jan. 17th at 10 a.m. PST/1 pm EST with the live Zoom event, “Runners, Take Your Mark!” with me and my great buddy, Tommy Collier. I’ll be answering any questions on the 60-day course and we’ll be doing a lively interactive session of Q&A along with breakout rooms for solving life’s biggest mysteries
Then, the Live Reading Group and Live Lessons begin the following Tuesday, Jan. 24th, and finish the week of St. Patrick’s Day (because I’m all about good luck and pots of gold). Watch for the full curriculum schedule in the next week and block your calendar! 
Between now and then, though, I’m going to be keeping you busy with some prep work. Please take this prep work seriously as it will shorten your learning curve and, thus, create much faster results in an shuttle-speed kind of way. 
On Friday, Jan 6th, the Members Platform doors open. This allows you into a New Member Survey, a few very important videos that I’d like you to see before the live lessons begin, and two worksheets that are all about setting the course and the energy for 2023. 
Got all that? 
No worries. If you’re confused in any way, you know you have direct access to me at Diane@DianeArmitage.com
Have a lovely week ahead. And hydrate. We’ve got a big race ahead of us. 
In Abundance, 
Diane Armitage