Get Your Book Written!




If you’ve “got a book in you,” NOW is the time to get it OUT to the world!

After authoring several of her own books and ghostwriting more than 40 best-selling books and event programs for leaders in personal development and business strategy,  Diane Armitage is back in this recorded seminar that dispels every nervous qualm and fidgety excuse that keeps you from finishing your book.

In this 2-hour ZOOM seminar, Diane walks you through:

  • Targeting your ideal reader even before you lift your pen
  • The easiest book-writing strategy ever
  • Leveraging your content into multiple media centers to create buzz WHILE you’re still writing your book
  • Tips and hints on really getting ALL of it done in a matter of weeks (not decades)
  • Understanding your different publication options
  • Knowing what your options are moving forward for editors, cover design, book layout, ISBN registration and more.

This is a fun and wise “How To” auto-study package that includes: 

  • A 1.5 hour teaching lesson on all things around creating your book
  • A 20-minute interview with Creative Director Patti Knoles as she explains the crucial development of the book cover
  • Worksheets that include: Sample Synopsis, Sample Overview Template, the Armitage Book Design Template and more
  • The full transcript of the entire class!



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