Money Mojo Mastery – Early Birds Save $100!




The next LIVE Money Mojo Mastery course with Diane Armitage begins Thursday, Oct. 12 through Thursday, Nov. 16th. (Every session is also recorded.) This is a short-term “early bird” registration, a savings of $100 from the regular price of $844! This is only available through Friday, Sept. 29th.

About Money Mojo Mastery:
I’ve got a secret for you: Enlightened entrepreneurial millionaires have a whole different way of deciding on, thinking about and acting in “flow” with money.

Now you’re going to learn their secrets in my Money Mojo Mastery live course. Learn how to duplicate these tremendous tactics and unusual secrets in this Recipe for Enlightened Wealth

Let’s face it: Money – or the lack of it – will control you OR you will control the money… how you earn it, and how much you will earn. Only then are you free to live the way you choose.

Money Mojo Mastery helps you unlock the door to your financial freedom. Once and for all. 
• Weekly live reading class
• Weekly live teaching and taking action classes
• Weekly “Di’s Pop Up Coaching Booth”
• Bi-monthly Mojo Mastermind

Week #1 – Money Tapes in our Heads & Tuning into the Energy of Money
Week #2 – First Step: Change Your Expectations by Exiting That “Road TO Riches” (where riches never, ever arrive)
Week #3 – Second Step: Opening an Account at The Infinite Prosperity Bank and Partnering with The Law of Circulation
Week #4 – Third Step: Easy Millionaire Secrets to Establishing Multiples Sources of Income
Week #5 – Fourth Step: Stop Repelling Money with this Simple 2-Prong Method
Week #6 –  Fifth Step: Momentum Mapping the Wealth Reality You Deserve