2 Month Trial – Navigating Your Way to Millions

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A fantastic way to connect with a “high-minded” global community and receive live advice and support from Diane Armitage each and every month. This is an inventive monthly membership that includes the following  3 lives classes:

1. Live Hot Seat Coaching on Mindset, Paradigms, Barriers, etc. with Diane Armitage and Tommy Collier. This is the first Friday of every month. You can drop your specific questions in advance and we’ll answer them. These are recorded.
2. Live Millionaire Interview. This is Diane Armitage interviewing enlightened, self-made millionaires and celebrity clients about how they thought and acted to their new mega-worlds, and what they do NOW to continue that exponential growth. These interviews are a hoot! These happen the 3rd Wednesday of the month, and include Q and A sessions with the guest. These are recorded.
3. Live Hot Seat Coaching on Business & Marketing Tactics with Diane Armitage. This is the 4th Friday of every month. Diane Armitage brings her 30 years of international marketing expertise and uncanny solutions to the table for you.  This class is designed for anyone at any level of business, whether working for someone else, managing a team, starting up your own company or operation a multi-million dollar entity around the world. Drop your specific questions in advance and Diane will give you specific solutions and step-by-step tactics. These are recorded.


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