VIP Conversations with Bob

Imagine Chatting With Bob Proctor Nearly Every Day for 27 Years

When I started writing Bob Proctor’s marketing and curriculum in 1995, I unwittingly embarked on the most mind-exploding, wildest, whackiest ride of my life.

Although some of his mild (and completely calm) suggestions may have seemed at the time like  precarious cliff-hanging turns to me, I’ve never regretted a single moment. Over the many years, and after hours and hours of kibbitzing back and forth, Bob became my closest mentor and friend, guiding me through the brain-freezing, paradigm-squishing moments that revealed a whole new world to me. In fact, it revealed a whole new ME.

And now, over 4 recorded sessions, I’m going to teach YOU the greatest manifestation lessons Bob Proctor has taught me.

But I’m not just going to be teaching you … you’re going to be learning how to DO and BE a whole new you, too.  

this VIP 4 Lesson course is going to help you unleash and lead your life your way. We’re on an adventure, my friend. So, pack your PB&J sandwich and your chocolate pudding cup, and let’s set out on the field trip of your life.



4 recorded lessons, transcript, and worksheets with Diane.


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