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Do you suspect you have a lame website?

Trust me … even some of the biggest entities in the world have lame websites. There are all sorts of reasons behind the “WHY” this happens, but in most cases it’s because your (often amazing) programmers are not marketing experts. That’s not what they signed up to be. And, if YOU didn’t sign up to be a marketing expert, there’s no leadership or progressive action in the right direction.

There’s no fault or blaming here. You simply signed up to be an expert somewhere else. Now it’s time to bring in that whole website/online marketing expertise to help your efforts!

30 years ago, I signed up to be a marketing expert. I began developing sales-driven websites in 1998 with my team of programmers before most of the world had heard the world “internet.” We’ve since built more than 500 websites of all shapes, sizes and colors. But no matter how large or how small, the same rules apply.

This 3-hour Website Consulting Package will help you dump your lame website blues forever.

Estimated Time: A 1-2 week process.

What You Receive:

  • Initial 1-hour call with Diane Armitage to discuss where you’re stuck and what you really want
  • Intensive website review by Diane Armitage and her senior developers and SEO experts
  • Follow-up recorded live call with the most strategic, leveraged, recommended changes for what your website currently touts as well as integration of new strategies and leverage for where you’re heading.

Diane Armitage is a renowned global marketing and website strategist. Initially starting as Bob Proctor’s writer in 1994, her business rapidly expanded to a full-service marketing agency of website builders, PR experts and more. A regular contributor to MSI Connect live calls, Diane helps international entities and just-beginning start ups sort out their most unique abilities to gain massive appeal and new profitability with their target audiences.


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