Science of Getting Rich Study Group

There’s a Science that Governs Whether You Succeed or Fail

As you’re surrounded by “pandemic” talk on all sides, you may feel that there’s only desolation in sight for you and your own life.

Far from it.

The Science of Getting Rich is a program I’ve worked on for years with Bob Proctor. It was the foundation of “The Secret” movie. What most people don’t realize, though, is that it is the foundation, period. 

As noted in this video, above, The Science of Getting Rich is not just about “riches” by way of monetary reward (though it definitely gives you the key to that door). It’s about enriching your life with all the connections, all the like-minded energies, and all the support systems that will hold you in highest esteem AND propel you forward into a life of BETTER results!

There is opportunity everywhere … I KNOW you’ve heard that knockin’!

This is something we all need RIGHT NOW. We, as a global community, have a choice. We have a choice to emerge from this place of fear and anxiety and death.  As a 30-year practitioner of this “Science,” I can tell you from firsthand experience that this particular curriculum is THE solution to raising you up and putting you on the path to how you truly WANT to emerge and live the next years of your life.

Whether you recognize it or not, Universal Laws are always at work  in your life. 

And YOU’RE the one directing them. You’ve always been directing them. So … are they working for you or against you?

We’ve All Had Time to Think. Now it’s Time to Live our Lives on our Terms.

Small backstory here, so bear with me …
When I wrote this video script (above video) in January for the upcoming Science of Getting Rich seminar, I had the great pleasure of working again with Bob’s Creative Director Tommy Collier. The very first time Bob put me in touch with Tommy, we had what this video refers to as “uncommon chemistry.” I’ve been a global marketer for years and have worked with hundreds of talented people, but the connection between Tommy and me has been uncanny from the start.

We worked on several videos before we ever had the chance to meet in person, which has been the case with many of the great talents I’ve worked with at Bob’s company. When Tommy and I finally did meet, we hugged like long-lost BFFs.

This is probably my most favorite video ever. Not because Tommy and I managed to put this together like mad scientists in a matter of a couple days, but because it’s a testament to the Science that governs us all. 

The Science of Getting Rich is about choosing who you want to be,
who you want to have around you,
and what you really want to do NOW with the years of your life. 

The Universe has given you a RESET button.
Please press “play.”

+ Me as Your Coach Through All of This

This is an 8-week engaging, action-oriented curriculum that has you operating on the right side of the “laws” for incredibly leveraged (and happier) results. Here’s what’s included: 

  • Weekly Zoom calls with me as a small group (no more than 12) as we work through the book
  • I’ve created study guides for each week for post-meeting completion. Just download and print for key points and exercises!
  • Live Q-and-A sessions every other week 
  • Private e-mail access to me throughout the program (when you just can’t wait for the weekly call.)