Stellar Works from Diane’s Clients

Showcasing for you the Steller Works of the clients I have been fortunate enough to work with in one way or another.  Enjoy this growing selection of books showcasing the talent, the knowledge and the service from these wonderfully and talented authors. 

I hope you receive as much benefit from them as I have.  Enjoy.

6 STEP COACHING MODEL – by PaTrisha-Anne Todd

What if you could in the next 60 minutes pinpoint what you want and have the plan to begin turning your dreams into reality? It’s possible and coaches around the world use the 6SCM with clients to take bold, decisive action to move forward to their desired outcomes while building a sustainable and profitable business.

The 6SCM is a proven, smart transformational coaching tool that can turn your dreams into a reality, no matter who you are or where you are starting from. With daily use of this tool, you’ll progressively discover what you want and the possibility surrounding it. Your motivation will deepen. You’ll steadily feed and upgrade your thinking to positive results to achieve your heart’s desire. Both the coach and coachee experience exponential growth.

A Kite Needs Wind to Fly Phase 1 - by Dr. Wolfgang Spangenberger

Phase 1: Survival – Your First Aid Kit – A Special Workbook for People in Crisis

You are truly miserable in the sudden onslaught of a life crisis. The storm is intense and you might feel helpless and overwhelmed with its sudden arrival in your life. You may feel violently emotional – rage, fear, blame, loss … and you may feel no emotion at all, you feel numb, as if seeing your life fall apart from an observer’s distance.

I’m here to help. You need relief fast. All that matters to you right now is righting your spinning world. Here’s IMMEDIATE HELP for you to re-stabilize quickly and get your wits about you. In this workbook, I quickly lead you through the first “baby steps” you can take to gain instant and lasting relief. And just like a coach taking over a downward-spiraling basketball team to turn that team around to success, I show you how to take control of your thinking and how to stop the downward spiral easily and effectively, so that you’re winning again, too.

A Kite Needs Wind to Fly Phase 2 - by Dr. Wolfgang Spangenberger

Phase 2: Recover From Your Life – Threatening Crisis & Make Life Your Friend

A life crisis can land on anyone unexpectedly. It can absolutely take the wind out of your sails. In this enlightening and warm workbook, you learn how to take flight again. This is the second workbook installment of a 3-part process to help you survive and thrive during a life crisis. With your equilibrium quickly restored from our Phase I workbook (Your First Aid Kit), now you reconnect with your strengths, learn how to change limiting habits easily and effectively, and utilize simple, creative tools to move on in a healthy way.  Let’s get started on your better life today!

When The Helper Needs Help - by Wolfgang Spangenberger

What Does Helping a Person Through a Life Crisis Do To Me?

You want solutions. You’re looking for answers, not excuses. This book helps you so that you can help this person you care about. With Wolfgang Spangenberger’s knowledgeable direction, you’re able to provide gentle structure and empowering techniques that help your friend remember his or her strengths, gain momentum and achieve sustainable solutions. Along the way, you will realize that supporting someone else in a life crisis will leave traces behind on you as well. As you learn more about yourself and your own strengths, you’re able to make changes in your own life’s path and direction.

How to Support Someone Through a Life Crisis - by Wolfgang Spangenberger

A Special Workbook to Help You Support a Friend or Loved One Experiencing a Life Crisis

Your friend or loved one is experiencing an emotional storm at sea and only seems to see you through mist and fog. They drift rudderless in rough waters, exposed to strong winds. You feel as if you’re on the shore, watching, helpless as well. You want to support them, to help them as best as you possibly can. But you don’t know how.

I can help you “pull their boat ashore” as you grow more confident in your support role with tips, tactics and simple worksheets that I’ve created over decades of serving patients and their supporters as a surgeon and family consultant. Together, we can help your friend or loved one come ashore in a stronger and healthier way.