Extremely Creative and a Gifted Intellect

“Diane Armitage is extremely creative and a gifted intelect. As a mentor to her clients, she has a really rare, warm empathy because she, herself, came up out of nothing and built a multi-million dollar business in just a matter of years. All of this combined together creates a very unique and wonderful experience to be in Diane’s world just to see what her mind will come up with next…because it always works.”
– Bob Proctor Global Success Mentor and Best-Selling Author

“The personal and business growth jackpot!”

“Diane Armitage’s talents are simply and absolutely incredible. Her commitment and passion to her clients are rare these days, and she is incredibly generous of both time and spirit. In her coaching and consulting processes and live programs, she is smart, responsive, creative and tons of fun to work with. If you’re finally ready to hit that personal and business growth jackpot, this is the guru to call.”
Jill S.

“I’ve invested in many “millionaire mindset experts” before. Nothing compares to Diane.”

“Diane Armitage has an incredible wealth of knowledge and expertise across broad, international marketing spheres. I’ve invested in many marketing mentors and “millionaire mindset experts” before – nothing compares to everything I’ve learned by simply watching what Diane innovates, what she puts into play, and the optimal mindset she lives from and now teaches every day.”
Keith S.

"One-of-a-kind mentoring with real-world solutions"

"Diane isn't just a trained "life coach" or "leadership mentor." She's grown her own business to significant proportions and has helped hundeds of companies do the same by employing unique strategies, real world solutions and uncommon mindset tweaks, passed down personally over her years of working so closely with Bob Proctor. Diane has the ability to see your blocks and obstacles and steer you into big picture success in a very short amount of time. In the end, she helps you create a fast-acting and lasting fix across your entire company's line. "
Diana A.

"I'm changing and dreaming my new life into being."

"Diane, you are more than amazing! Now is the time to change and dream my new life into being. I am grateful that you took the time to answer my email in your unique and wonderful way. It puts it all into perspective for me."
Ursula K.

"Your depth of wisdom + business experience is a rare gift."

"I've really enjoyed your Alchemy classes because they impart such uncommon strategy. At the same time, the thread running throughout your teachings comes from such authenticity and integrity. You really understand the law of "service" and your eample is creating such a shift in my own work."
Mark N.

“You’re explaining at a level I’ve never understood before.”

“Your lesson today was brilliant. All the times I’ve read The Power of Awareness, (three times), I never understood it at the level you explained. Now I want to go back and read it again! Thank you for elevating and expanding my awareness to the next level. What a ripple effect this lesson has had! “”This morning, you have topped my gratitude list. You uncovered the missing piece for me, and this isn’t the first time. I love it! I am deeply grateful.”
Kim S.

“I have a secret weapon. Her name is Diane Armitage.”

“Diane is one of the most consistent, profit-producing, money-making machines I’ve ever known. She’s an extraordinary marketing writer – one of hte best in the world – and her Internet marketing strategies are always hugely successful. No matter where your business is or how you want to grow it in the year ahead, Diane Armitage will get you there faster and more brilliantly than even you can imagine.”
Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul series, author of numerous NYT best sellers, motivational speaker, trainer & author.

“You teach what “we already know” in a whole new way that makes it stick.”

“What you’re teaching is what we ALL need to hear, even if it’s information we claim we “already know” because we are not typically surrounded by people who share this kind of thinking, and no one explains it better than you!”
Dr. Amina K.

“I now see possibilities that have always been here.”

“Your JV webinar has my head buzzing! I now see so many possibilities that have already been sitting here on my horizon. Now, when going through this process thoroughly, I see how I can access them. Also, it’s taken me out of my “solidarity” corner thinking that I have to do all of this on my own. And yes, I CAN enjoy growing my business when switching to the liestyle I prefer rather than the crunchy corporate world I’m done with.”
Judit S.

Confidence Re-Instilled

“My shyness and lack of confidence makes me want to hide under the table most of the time. I must say, your classes have really started to re-instill that confidence in me. I was always taught not to write as a I speak. Or be this way and that way… Your last class was music to my ears. You made me feel it’s okay to be ME!!!! That, amongst everything you say and teach during class, has unlocked and changed a lot for me, which I will be eternally grateful for. I’m so excited to be given all these amazing opportunities and I’m most grateful and so thankful to you. Thank you very much Diane, from the bottom of my heart.”
– Brinda G.

Specialized Knowledge

“Diane has “specialized knowledge” that reaches far beyond even the leading mentors who teach success strategies in our world. Diane teaches from an unusual depth of understanding of both mindset shifts and business shifts. And, she has a wonderful, pleasing personality – you’ll love working and learning from Diane, as I have! You’re a rock star, Diane!”
– Robert Pascuzzi Writer & Producer, The Ravine / Co-Founder, Creative Planning

More Prosperity

“Diane, I’m looking forward to learning more and at the same time I am enjoying life in this moment. More prosperity has occurred in the last 3 years than I dreamed of in my lifetime. With your coaching, I feel confident my paradigm will continue to change to one which serves me in even bigger ways! Thanks for your ongoing support and your emails.”
– Amy L.

I Finally Understand My Goals

"After being in Diane's class this past year, I finally understood my goals were other people's goals. "Should" goals. She helped me figure out that those weren't my goals. Now that I have MY goals and dreams, I'm motivated like I've never been before!"
-Mary D

Big Changes

"Your webinar made me realize I DO need a community of people who think like me, around me, to keep me on track and motivated. I have a lot of big changes in store for this year, so I already see how this could benefit me in so many ways. It all seems to be coming together! I am looking forward to becoming a part of your community!"
-Bonnie G.

Life Changing

Forever Grateful


“As I begin my day and write my gratitudes you are on my short list of people who inspire me to expand my awareness and live the life of my dreams. I am so happy to know you.”
-Kim S.

Best Teacher

"I seriously feel that you are the best teacher I have found - maybe in my life. I trust you. And I don't have to be a cult member in order to be in your program. You're kind, real, well trained and the best thing you can be in my books: A SOLID CITIZEN. I've been around a lot of fakery in my life. You are the real deal, and I'm so grateful I found you. Everything is changing."
- Magdelena M.

"Succinctly knowledgeable and powerful"

"Never, in all the years I’ve been in business, has any keynote speaker come across so succinctly knowledgeable and powerful to me as Diane Armitage. She not only knows her stuff – she has genuine empathy for the industries she works with and the individuals within those industries. Diane Armitage is a real, live mindset master and marketing genius that knows, from experience, what works."
Richard C.

“Thank you for your genius and knowledge”

“Diane, thank you for the genius and knowledge you’ve applied to launching our online training world for our agents. You’re one of a kind.”
Gary Keller, Founder, Executive Chairman, Keller-Williams

"No other wealth/business mentorship program stacks up to Diane Armitage."

"Thank you for helping me work through my business and marketing strategy obstacles; you are an absolute miracle in my life! I have been struggling for so long and finally with your marketing consulting expertise and wondrous thinking, things are starting to fall into place for me. I am so excited every day now that I have met you and have had the great opportunity to work with you! You are the first person in a very long time that actually keeps me thinking and on my toes. It is so much fun because you have an incredible wealth of knowledge and expertise. For once I feel like I’m headed in the right direction. I’ve been involved in some very well known (and expensive) coaching programs for wealth and business mentorship these last two years – I ended up with very little for my efforts. Working with you, I’m learning everything I need to easily propel my business into much greater service and reward. You’ve challenged me to “think out of the box ,"" and listen more to the spirit within, ""which is where my business success has always lived."
Heather J.

“You are a special light to this world.”

“Diane, you are such a special light to this world, and I am so appreciative of you, your authenticity and your kindness. I truly love being around you and your energy. I’ve learned so much from you and I’ve only just begun! “”While I’m aware I still have a ways to go, I’m finally enjoying the journey and am enjoying the blossoming. I feel so grateful for the amazing people God’s brought to my world – you are a very special one of them.”
Sheyla Z.

“I had given up on finding a way to ‘much better’ in my life.”

“I had all but given up on finding a permanent way to ‘much better’ in my life. I may have found a few of the “”right answers,”” but I was never able to piece them together until you came along with all of he impact of your added wisdom. You clearly have real life experience and an incredible depth of knowledge. You’re nonjudgmental because you’re completely transparent about your own journey. Now, I can DIRECT how my change is happening FOR my life. You are by far my best coach (after many trials and errors) and I am so lucky to have found you. Every aspect of my life is already shifting tremendously.”
Magdelena M.

“The most amazing and supportive person I’ve met.”

“Diane Armitage is the most amazing, inspirational, supportive person I’ve ever encountered in this phase of my life. I don’t ever want to stop working with her because I see true change in me and my significant progress forward.”
Siobainn C.

“You SEE people at their best, even before they recognize it themselves.”

“Your mentoring has opened limitless opportunities in just months in my life. Before I found your Legendary course, I struggled with feeling worthy enough to step into larger business opportunities. “”The most valuable thing you brought to me is that you SEE people – you see them where they are, in all their frustration and dissastisfaction, but – more importantly – you SEE them at their best, even beore they recognize it for themselves. “”Through your eyes, it opens a gateway for us to see ourselves in a higher light and believe in ourselves. “”Finally understanding and acting on this has opened limitless opportunities in just the last few months of my life. Diane, you are pure magic.”
Heather H.

“You’ve taken over my mentorship where Bob Proctor left off.”

“Thanks for being so generous with your time and knowledge. You are a true blessing…and I mean that. It’s amazing how you have taken over my mentorship where Bob left off . I KNOW that he is SOOOO proud of you. I am honored that you are guiding me to greatness. I could not have choen a better person to lead me…well, I didn’t choose you…the universe did, lol. Just thought you needed to know that your mentorship is changing my life and the lives of everyone you touch. You are a precious spiritual gift to the world. We need you, and I am so happy and grateful that you are a part of my life’s journey.”
Mike N.

"No more shiny object syndrom for me!"

"You are such a blesisng! Thanks to you, I've had some major mindset shifts and my next-level success is in play. After about 2 years of shiny object syndrome, I'm putting together all the pieces of what I've learned and letting go of the things that weren't for me."
Amanda M.

“You have so much insider information having spent so many years with Bob Proctor…”

“Here’s the thing about the unique mentoring YOU do: Where you shine is in the fine tuning, the getting over the seemingly impossible obstacle of growth, the unreachable thing that a client just can’t seem to conquer. “”You have so much insider information having spent so many years with Bob Proctor and THEN applying it in your own life, that your experience has gained you a deep, inner understanding that only comes from that experience. Often it’s one thing to know something with your intellect, it’s quite a different thing to know it with your EXPERIENCE and know the truth of it in your very heart and soul. This makes you so credible as a mentor. “”That credibility was crucial for me. I’ve grown in a thousand ways, but I want out of this previously inescapable prison. I’ve heard all the pat answers: “”Ignore it. Don’t give it any oxygen. Build a new model.”” None of that has worked for me. I haven’t considered any other coach before you because I didn’t believe they could make a difference for me. That isn’t the case with you. I know that with your help, I will change this paradigm. It’s already changing! “”I see you with people just like me, who understand the value and the truth of the material, but need that extra something to make it all real in their lives. You are the best coach I know! Everyone needs a coach, the right coach. You are the right coach for people just like me.”
Kim S.

More of Me

“I am excited to continue to sit at your proverbial feet and study, grow and bring more of me to the surface!”
-Beth F.


“I’ve experienced Diane’s presentations and lessons on several occasions and each time she generously shared her expertise and over delivered in every case. This woman has ample experience and expertise to bring to the table. Thank you Diane!”
– Rick Wallce CEO, Kla.com


Uptick in Sales

"You are awesome!!!! Sending you super big hugs for you taking so much amazing time going through my presentation and commenting in that detail! That was so helpful and I've already seen an uptick in sales because of the change I implemented from your advice."
- Tanja S.

Forever Grateful

“Angie is beside herself! For 4 years we have been trying to find someone that would just “get Angie” – just read her (mind) and know what to do. It has been a frustrating battle. And yes…it has been a battle. This “getting EXACTLY what you want” seemed like all BS…until now! I just cannot believe what you did for her! We are forever grateful. This is the start of a long and prosperous relationship – for sure.”
– Matt T.

The Content Was So Good

“Great class! I kept thinking “this is another book”…the content was so good, so very valuable to Being a part of your mentoring provides me this rare kind of opportunity of growing awareness and teaches me how to discover my undiscovered gifts and talents AND a way to apply them. I really appreciate you and how you put these programs together. You are an amazing woman!”
-Mary S.

I’ve Leaped

“I’ve been in Diane’s world just a few weeks and already I’ve leaped – she is a special mentor.”
-PaTrisha-Anne T.