Marketing Your Way to Millions – Customized to YOU!

Here’s your chance to get your online presence either up for the first time or fixed to run like a speeding train in less than two months (because you promised yourself you would). Get past that Terror Barrier and Excuse Maker in your world and let’s get your new world launched!

I’m re-introducing my 5-week course, “Marketing Your Way to Millions: 5 Short Weeks to Launching Your COMPLETE Online Selling Success.” It begins Thursday, Dec. 10th for 5 full weeks of learning, activity and direct email access to me. It’s just $497.

We take a break for the holiday (but I give you homework!), so the dates will be:
Thurs, Dec. 10th
Thurs, Dec 17th
Tues, Jan 5th (woo-hoo! New Year!)
Tues, Jan 12th
Tues, Jan 19th- you’re galloping off to your new start long before the rest of the world has even recovered from the holiday!

THIS time, it’s TOTALLY, 100% customized to what YOU struggle with most!
I’ll be formatting the entire 5 weeks around getting you and just 29 other fellow comrades past those things that keep getting in the way of your online success. I’ll initially be asking you about your five biggest issues, and in each class, we’ll continue to dive into your greatest needs as I create the course for YOU along the way.

I will be doing live, weekly ZOOM classes beginning Thursday, Nov. 5th that cover everything you need to know about succeeding in marketing. This is my 30 years of marketing – the fastest, most efficient, proven strategies and action steps to launching your successful online presence.

It’s all  stuffed into 5 bite-size, progressive weeks for your easy implementation. And, to prove that you CAN actually launch a website from zero to mach speed in a matter of weeks, my team and I are will be building a brand new site for a client with plans to launch his global presence before Thanksgiving (Nov. 26th)! Four weeks! Now that’s fast!

In five short weeks, you’ll learn everything YOU need to know. Maybe you struggle with … 
•  Telling people who you are and what you really do
•  Figuring out who your ideal client really is
•  Crafting your unique selling propositions
•  Not knowing how to interview programmers to find the perfect one
•  Designing a website that’s attractive and sophisticated
•  Designing a website that’s not chaotic or too over-filled with stuff
•  Blueprinting the layout of your website so your prospects sail through it with ease
•  Setting up your shopping cart
•  Writing sales content for your website (yikes!)
•  Creating the right kind of opt-in forms that secure your prospect
•  Building your initial marketing funnels… how in the world do you find these people and magnetize them to you?
•  Knowing how to set up emails to people (and what to write in the darned things)

I can teach you … 
•  Blogging stealth techniques.
•  Search engine tips and secrets.
•  Upsells, downsells, host parasite and sister city super stealth techniques.
•  Every stupid assumption and mistake I made
•  And everything in between!

What’s included in the course:
•  5 (FIVE!) live 1-hour ZOOM calls
•  Live Q & A sessions after each teaching session
•  Each session recorded for your replay
•  Special guest appearance from my Creative Director Patti Knoles (she’s the queen of logos, website color and added beauty)
•  Worksheets and “homework” (that you’re actually going to like)
•  Email access to me throughout the entire 5-week course.


  • American Express
  • Price: $497.00


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