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Live, personal coaching that transforms your world

For an hour and a half on the first Thursday of every month, here’s where you get your questions answered LIVE. What’s got you bogged down? I have the answer on mindset, Universal laws, abundance and wealth building + marketing and business strategy, too! I answer all your questions,  thoughtfully and immediately so that you can make IMMEDIATE SHIFTS in your trajectory. 

Monthly Advice = Phenomenally Fast Growth in your Personal & Business World
from the Transformational Mind Mentor who has been immersed in this study for 30 years.

I am absolutely convinced that my accelerated growth and success over these last 3 decades was because Bob Proctor was on my speed dial. Anytime I ran into a situation or challenge, he was there for me with Instant and Fast recommendations. 

When I took Bob’s advice and acted, everything rapidly changed in my life.
This atmosphere of ready help and support helped me create a true life of dreams.
Now, I’m offering the same to you with “Di’s Pop Up Coaching Booth.
And it’s just $111 monthly.


Created for Your Massive, Accelerated Growth

On the first Thursday of every month, Diane Armitage offers a fun, insightful, life-trajectory changing LIVE class – “Di’s Pop Up Coaching Booth.” It’s 1.5 hours starting at 9 am PT/12 (noon) ET – of absolute transformation.  

Here, Diane is on the hot seat LIVE to answer ANYTHING you ask about your mindset, life or business that’s tackle-blocking, delaying, irritating, obstacling or bringing you down. 

During the Pop Up Coaching Booth, you can pop in anytime during the live class to ask your specific question, and leave at your leisure. Or, stay for the entire session to hear Diane’s answers to other people’s questions.  You  always have the full replays available to you, too.

It’s a phenomenal, always-fresh hour of recommendations for your life. 

Testimonial: How Diane's Coaching Booth pulled me out of hopelessness and despair

Answers to your every question – browse samples:

How Can I "Expect?"

I Keep Berating Myself

The State of My Mind

“We’re supposed to have an “expectant” attitude … but how can I expect something I’ve never come close to experiencing before?”

“Now that I’m beginning to understand how to consciously create my life, I can’t stop beating myself up for wasting all this time and still not having it right.”

“You say we’re supposed to “notice” our emotions but how does JUST that change what I really manifest?” 

"Hold" A Vision? Huh?

It's Not Happening!

Law of Gratitude??

“I don’t understand when you tell me to ‘hold a vision’ & then ‘let that vision go.’ It doesn’t make sense!”

“Why haven’t I received the desires of my heart yet? Is it because I haven’t directed my energy correctly?”

“Wallace Wattles talks about the Law of Gratitude and that action and reaction act in equal and opposite directions around this law. What’s that mean??”

Fast Emotion Change

Too Many $ Goals?

Never Been Successful

“What’s the fastest way to change my emotion in a better direction?”

“Is it possible to have too many money goals? Am I supposed to separate it all out?”

“I’ve never been successful yet … how in the world can I believe that it can really happen now?”

*What’s a Coaching Booth Founding Member? Until very recently, Di’s Pop Up Coaching Booth was only available to Diane’s elite Legendary program clientele. It proved so effective in their personal and business growth, though, that the Coaching Booth is now available to a much wider circle of people who are making a commitment to their personal growth (this includes you).
For a limited time, you can join for just $111 a month – an easy entry into powerful, personal coaching.  And, that same reduced monthly investment will apply FOR THE LIFE of your continual membership in the Pop Up Coaching Booth!

Your Coaching Booth Host Diane Armitage

30 years ago, I decided to create my life on my terms (Having Bob proctor hire me as his 27-year Writing Partner certainly. helped in that transformation.)

I came from a place of struggle – especially financial bummerhood – to a world that proved even better than my dreams. Now I devote my days to helping other people escape from their own financial bummerhood and get busy living the life and acting on the dreams they have a passion for.

Choose for yourself. Be bold! The day you step out for your better life, you only have to take that first step. I’m right here to help you with the rest.