The Pause

This morning, I’m flying from Portland, Oregon to my beloved O.C.

Although the clock says it’s 7:00 am, it’s still pitch black up here in the Northwest. It was a chaotic moment in the terminal, this second day after Christmas – exhausted families, crying babies and long, snaking lines in any queue for any situation.

But, at last, we’ve boarded the plane, and the noise begins to dim. As the plane trundles to its appointed runway, it is silent and dark.

And now we pause.

You know that pause – the engines at a lull at the runway entrance, all its people and their personalities jammed in with all their baggage tucked around them.

In that pause, the plane is only considering its flight.

It’s not thinking about how heavy it feels, waddling to the runway with all this excess baggage its carrying.

It’s not thinking about all that morning chaos that jumbled and dropped its participants here, all together, at this exact moment and time.

The plane is only looking ahead to its flight.

It knows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that no matter the entire compilation – the chaos, the humanity, the baggage weighing it down – that it all pales in comparison to the awesome power that thrums at its core.

And it knows it has all the guidance it needs to take flight.

Finally, the engines begin to rumble and the wheels roll forward, thumping across arrow after arrow of directional lights illuminating the runway. And then it is aloft.

This week between Christmas and New Year’s is your pause.

The chaos of the holidays is behind you. Leave it there, back in the terminal where it belongs.

You have a moment now, a moment in time to relish the silence as you trundle to the runway of 2024.

You might be feeling the weight of the baggage – what you didn’t do in 2023, what held you back in 2023, why life didn’t always go your way.

You might be feeling the weight of the people in your life – their personalities, their stress, the baggage they insist on dragging along and even dumping in your space.

None of that matters now. This is your moment; this is your pause.

There is nothing between you and your new flight path into 2024.

Your guidance system is already in play; support is readily around you.

And you have all the power … right there within yourself … to fly.

I’ll see you on the other side,

Diane A.