Escape The Matrix

LSometimes, when it comes to describing a program I do, all the best USP and elevator speech stuff I’ve taught all my life to clients just doesn’t do the trick! Since I started my live program,  “Legendary: Do What You Came Here to Do,” even clients in my program have had difficulty describing what it actually does. So let me explain why I built it in the first place … 

I built Legendary for people who feel like I used to feel – like Neo in the movie, The Matrix. I know that if you’re on Linked In and of my genre “age,” you know this movie, “The Matrix.” It arrived at the end of March, 1999. 

In The Matrix, Keenu Reeves (the main character, Thomas Anderson) feels stuck in a “THIS is all there is world.” He feels that something is awry, but he feels powerless, a minion, really, in a sea of powerless minions. 

And something in his soul twitches at that. It rebels at that sense that this is ALL THERE IS for you.

So, he begins searching for another answer. His discomfort … his restlessness sends up flares, both to the controllers of the world, whom we learn later are actually machines that have created a pasty replicate of a world that used to be. And the flares are also noticed by a small band of people who have escaped this Matrix and have just been waiting for this guy, Thomas Anderson, to actually send up the flares. 

And they ALL start coming for him because both parties know that he is MORE than just the minion Thomas Anderson – he is Neo, a potential significant ripple maker in the tightly woven skein of this controlled world. 

See, this is where a lot of you are. You, yes, reading this blog.

Your spirit within you has never forgotten who you are, even though you’ve suffered a memory lapse with all the chaos and programs around you. You landed on this planet with so much power and grace … an energetic being capable of choosing and creating ANYTHING you wish for your life. And while that energy and power never moved away from you, you were shunted and steered and directed into a life that seemed perfectly amiable (you have a 9-to-5 job, you take out the trash for your landlord), but your life has lacked the fire and innovation and purpose that you landed on this planet with in the first place. 

And just as Neo finally realized in the last battle scene of the movie … it’s not about fighting the current situation and circumstance you find yourself in …… It’s about recognizing that you are so powerfully loaded and coded … that you don’t have to.

The circumstance and situation doesn’t even matter anymore. 

YOU are a Creator. 

YOU are a Catalyst. 

Years ago, I wrote an audio script for Bob Proctor called “Creators, Catalysts and Polka-Dotted Fish.” And I explained that as a Creator, there is an unending supply of unadulterated, creative power continuously flowing to and through your consciousness … perfectly willing and able to move your wildest dreams into action. 

AND! You are ALSO a Catalyst, an element that provokes and speeds significant change or action …

When you come to understand that you exist as a Catalyst, you begin to shift your focus in your daily experience from what is wrong or frozen or stuck to – instead – shaping and changing your responses, reactions and interactions. Because, as a Catalyst, you understand that you are always and instantly shifting energy around you. 

When Neo turned and faced his oppressors, Morpheus looking on said, “He’s beginning to believe.”

Neo finally understood. Now, it’s time for you to understand, to BELIEVE. And then you begin to ACT FROM that belief.

You are a Creator. You have EVERY ability to jump into a big, colorful, passionate life that is ALL your own. 


You are a Catalyst. YOU are energetic power affecting ALL of the energy around you, a ripple effect that activates WAVES (to quote Will Farrell in my favorite song from “Spirited.”)

In Legendary, I help you step out of the Matrix, see who you really are, and act in that ALREADY existing power to change your world YOUR way.

But you’ve got to be willing and ready to do the work. Legendary isn’t for everybody. It’s not for people who have this sort of wishy-washy “I don’t like my life so I guess I’ll just wish for something to change.” Legendary is for people who SENSE that there’s more … more TO them, more to experience, more to energetically shift in their world.

I can and will show you the way … but you’ve got to step through the door. Do you believe?