Bring Global Marketing Guru Diane Armitage’s HANDS-ON attention into YOUR business for an entire year.

Have you ever felt like you just don’t know where to turn for consistent marketing success in your business? You may feel that you’ve ping ponged from “marketing expert” to “business strategist” and from failed trial to failed trial with no real success to show for it.

Now you have building block upon building block of easy implementation and fantastic leverage from one of the most successful marketing entities of our age. Welcome to a V.I.P. membership with an entire year of live access to and with Diane Armitage.

Armitage Marketing Alchemy includes the following: 

•   2 Monthly LIVE Instruction & Implementation Calls with Diane Armitage  – foolproof ways to maximize your business success with lessons and step-by-step implementation for your own business.  

•  Monthly Multimillionaire Interview –  Guest multi-millionaires entrepreneurs teach you duplicatable strategies that can be applied to your own business.

•  Monthly LIVE Q&A Call with Diane Armitage and  guests – even more one-on-one interaction and solutions specific to your business needs. 

•  A 100-piece “How To” video library from Diane Armitage. At-the-ready effective solutions, campaign ideas, content writing tips, funnel builds and more. 

Is your business a fit for our
Armitage Marketing Alchemy community?
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This is Diane Armitage personally working on your business strategy, month in and month out.

This Armitage “chemistry lab” has tried it all before you – 30 years of trying every imaginable marketing “solution” and honing in on what really works.

Fire up that Bunsen burner. Rinse and ready your beakers. And get ready for your own marketing discovery. 

One New Idea Implemented Can Mean Millions.
Here are Thousands of Them



  • Hands-on Assistance and Guidance from Marketing Industry Guru Diane Armitage. Now, you have a renowned 30-year marketing and tactical strategy expert in your corner offering suggestions, tactics and specific actions on YOUR BUSINESS from the 30 years she has devoted to creating exact game plans for her clients to build multi-million-dollar businesses. PRICELESS
  • Bi-monthly live lessons from Diane Armitage on foolproof ways to maximize your business success. Learn specific business and marketing strategies to rocket-boost your business in mere weeks (not years). $22,000 value
  • Q&A sessions at the end of each live lesson to ask Diane about your specific issues, discuss progress reports and stuck points, or crow about recent victories. PRICELESS
  • Implement, implement, implement: “Act Now” assignments each month keep you accountable and moving forward at a brisk pace. $6,000 value
  • Ask Diane questions any time: Enjoy ongoing email access to Diane Armitage throughout the year. PRICELESS
  • WORLD’S LARGEST VIDEO LIBRARY ON MARKETING & BUSINESS STRATEGIES Culled from nearly three decades of implementing solutions for global business clients of all sizes and industry, here are more than 100 step-by-step videos from Diane Armitage and her team of experts. Plug into any video in the many library sections to keep your brand fresh and memorable, employ specific business expansion strategies, explore uncanny solutions to common stuck points, and walk through numerous “how to” videos for your own creation of famed Armitage marketing funnels, value ladders, DRIP campaign strategies and everything in between. PRICELESS


  • Brilliant, thought-provoking “do as I did” multimillionaire interviews: Monthly multimillionaire business owner interviews to learn more about how they thought and acted to create their business success (ask your questions on these live calls, too). PRICELESS
  • Monthly live Q&A sessions with Diane Armitage and multimillionaire guests on our "Ask Me Anything" sessions. $36,000 value


  • You’re not alone out there: Interact and mastermind with fellow business owners all over the world PRICELESS
  • Jump on opportunities to create new joint ventures to advance your businesses. PRICELESS


Stop searching the world for master marketers – they’re all right here: Diane’s marketing agency of personnel is ready and willing to jump in and help you and your team with anything from website creation to content writing, video creation and implementation, social media channels, book editing and layout and much, much more. Why look anywhere else when this team has worked with Diane’s marketing principles for decades and knows how to create individuated success? Marketing Alchemy members enjoy deeply discounted pricing of 30% to 50% on all services.


  • Add a second person for FREE to your year’s membership (consider a business partner, a marketing director, sales manager, etc.) $18,000 value

A Note From Diane Armitage:  

After nearly 30 years as a business-building strategist, of one thing I’m sure:  When great marketing happens, it’s a convergence of:
1.      Proven Science
2.     Step-by-Step Formulas from a team that’s actually delivered exponential business growth and marketing solutions for decades (instead of just talking about them),
3.     A Solid Bunch of Intuitive Hunches
4.     A Significant Dose of Magic – YOUR Magic.

It doesn’t matter if you’re at the top of a multi-national conglomerate or a solopreneur just getting started – what you do in service to the world is yours and yours alone. 

Now, how do we capitalize on that?

I’m inviting you into the Armitage Marketing Alchemy.  This is a FULL YEAR’S ACCESS with my personal, hands-on help in any aspect of your business … and that’s just the beginning. 

PLUS: The Largest Marketing & Business Strategy Video Library 

  • Study more than 100 step-by-step videos from Diane Armitage and her team members to take your business to the top of its game. These are proven, foolproof strategies that have worked again and again with clients around the world. 

    Setting Your Foundational Pillars: 
    Long-Range Strategy
    Short-Range Strategy (Breaking it Down)
    The Strategy of Preeminence
    The (Only) 3 Ways to Make Money in Business
    Foundational Brand Identity
    USPs and Elevator Speeches
    Copywriting Secrets
    Fixing of Your Lame Website (or building a new one)
    The Secret Science of Blogs (and every tip and hint to conquering the science)
    Blogs to Books (and Back Again)
    SEO & SEM
    Lead Magnets
    Target Markets
    My 3 Most Successful Prospecting Funnels
    Value Ladders
    Establishing Every Facet of the Funnel, from forms to giveaways, live launches and more
    Risk Reversals and Guarantees You Can Make
    Testing Alchemy
    Social Media Success series, from profiles to your 3 most important actions
    Facebook & Google Ads
    The Secret Science of Hashtag Strategies
    Building Affiliate Programs
    Building Membership Programs
    Establishing Host-Beneficiary Relationships
    Setting Up Referral and Endorsement Systems
    Sister City Implementation
    Retaining that Golden Goose: Your Valued Client
    What to Do with Unconverted Prospects
    … and much more!