Every Step & All the Experienced Guidance You Need to Build Your Business Skyscraper

Have you ever felt like you just don’t know where to turn for consistent marketing success in your business? You may feel that you’ve ping ponged from “marketing expert” to “marketing expert” and from failed trial to failed trial with no real success to show for it.

After nearly 30 years of global marketing, of one thing I’m sure: When great marketing happens, it’s a convergence of proven science, step-by-step formulas from a team that’s actually created marketing solutions for decades, a whole bunch of hunches and a significant dose of magic – your magic.

Now, I’m inviting you into the Armitage Marketing Alchemy. This is a FULL YEAR’S ACCESS!

This is “The A-to-Z of Marketing,” a combination of:

1. Live, ongoing monthly access ZOOM calls and emails with Diane Armitage for hands-on solutions and feedback specific to your business needs. In these calls, Diane typically offers mini-lessons on comprehensive strategy and action or simply riffs on the “subject of the day” as questions come up in the group.

2. Quarterly one-on-one calls with Diane to discuss business and marketing plans moving forward and any stuck points you may have.

3. More than 100 step-by-step video tutorials on everything imaginable needed to boost your business and marketing actions.

4. Downloadable “Cheat sheets” and exercises

5. Special guest interviews with industry and subject experts, including Diane’s own team of agency pros.

6. Deeply discounted pricing on any of her 27-year agency services where you know you can trust and when you need them most.

7. Deeply discounted pricing on other seminars, workshops and memberships that Diane teaches and offers.

8. A community of high-minded business entrepreneurs who are supporting and masterminding each other’s business growth.

Armitage Marketing Alchemy answers all the foundational questions of what you need to put in place for your marketing success. Now you have building block upon building block of easy implementation and fantastic leverage from one of the most successful marketing entities of our age.

This “chemistry lab” has tried it all before you – 30 years of trying every imaginable marketing “solution” and honing in on what really works.

Fire up that Bunsen burner. Rinse and ready your beakers. And get ready for your own marketing discovery.

Is your business a fit for our
Armitage Marketing Alchemy community?
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Bring Diane Armitage’s marketing and business growth strategy into YOUR business for an entire year for just $5,000!

This is a V.I.P. year-long membership platform with an entire year of live access with Diane. This is a phenomenal opportunity to get direct direction and new ideas from Diane Armitage personally. Then, you have LIFETIME ACCESS to the entire Marketing Alchemy video library with more than 100 videos of step-by-step business and marketing how-tos,  sort of D.I.Y. to take your business to the top of its game.

Armitage Marketing Alchemy includes three monthly ZOOM calls (group format) with Diane Armitage. They’re formatted as follows:

•    1 Monthly LIVE Q&A Call with Diane Armitage – submit your questions in advance for one-on-one interaction and immediate solutions

•    1 Monthly “Hot Seat” LIVE Call with Diane Armitage – submit your “I’m stuck here” questions for more detailed, live one-on-one with Diane in a small class setting

1 Monthly “Fellow Alchemists’ Creation & Community” LIVE Work Session on ZOOM with Diane Armitage –  Reserve at least 2 hours a month to join our community of high-minded fellows working on their “chief aim.” Share intentions, work on a specific project that pertains to your building process, share solutions and ideas in chat room with fellows, and do break out rooms with Diane to provide guidance and help you through any stuck points.

•  A Library of Direct Questions Answered by Diane Armitage – learn for your own business and immediately apply these tips as Diane Armitage video tapes one solution after another in response to VIP member questions.

•    Case Studies and Interviews of other experts in the field

•    A growing, thriving Video Library of Solutions that includes more than 100 sequential teaching videos on:

Setting Your Foundational Pillars: 
Long-Range Strategy
The (Only) 3 Ways to Make Money in Business
Foundational Brand Identity
Copywriting Secrets
Fixing of Your Lame Website (or building a new one)
The Secret Science of Blogs (and every tip and hint to conquering the science)


Marketing Strategy From a 50,000-Foot Level
Lead Magnets
Target Markets
My 3 Most Successful Prospecting Funnels
Establishing Every Facet of the Funnel, from forms to giveaways, live launches and more
Social Media Success series, from profiles to your 3 most important actions
Facebook & Google Ads
The Secret Science of Hashtag Strategies
Building Affiliate Programs
Establishing Host-Beneficiary Relationships
Setting Up Referral and Endorsement Systems
Retaining, Retaining, Retaining that Golden Goose: Your Valued Client

… and much more!

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