Momentum Begins When You Finally Recognize the Perfection in You

There’s a part of you on the INSIDE that sits around knowing you’ve got a lot more power than you’re using, and wondering when you’re ever going to get your head on straight about it.

But somewhere along the way – and usually from a multitude of reputable sources like parents, teachers, friends, bosses and not-so friends – you were assured that you were just an average human. You know, someone who needed to color INSIDE the lines.

Life in a barrel of crabs

There’s a great story about a guy on a boardwalk at a seafood market. He sees this giant barrel of live crabs, all crawling over each other, and there’s no lid on top of the barrel. So he says to the guy selling the crabs, “Aren’t you afraid they’re going to escape?”

The merchant says, “No, never Anytime one of the crabs gets near the top of the barrel, the others just pull him back down again.”

You may have lived your whole life in a barrel of crabs You might have had an inspiration or a great idea or tried something new … and you were reaching up … climbing your way up …but somehow you just got pulled back into your barrel of co-crabs.

Time to stop being a crab, my friend.

The thing is this: You’re your own you. You’re a wholly unique human being on the planet. You landed here with all sorts of unique gifts and skills that no one else on the planet can offer.

Isn’t it time to step into that power? 

It’s Time to Stop Thinking Someone Else’s Think

You can create warp-speed change in your life by simply understanding a few basic principles about the programming you have in your mind NOW and how you can change that. 

This is one time in your life – more than any other time ever – to seriously SHAKE IT UP.

You’re the only one living YOUR life. It’s time you got your game on and got the heck out of that crab barrel. And it’s really not as crazy difficult as you think.

I ask my clients to start thinking really big. Not just dreaming … THINKING … thinking about how their lives would look like on the other side having achieved their biggest THINKS.

Then, I help you learn how to recognize the true genius of your mind and access its many gifts to create that very life (the really big one). You, my friend, already have it all inside of you – you have the ability to create the life of your dreams, it’s already built in. I’ll show you how to believe it, act on it and live it.