A Fresh, Fast Start on Your Dream in Just 60 Days

8 Weeks (17 Sessions) of Live Zoom Classes with Diane: Lively Lessons, Interactive Workshops & Reading Club

+ 9 Full-Length Video Lessons from Diane on the Foundational Precepts to Your Exponential Success

+One-on-One Mentoring E-mail Access with Diane Through the Entire 60 Days (to the first 15 to register)

+ Monthly Q&A Classes with Diane + Multi-Millionaire Interviews (Do As They Do)

Video/Audio: Creating Stellar Affirmations That Aren't Just Mumbo-Jumbo

You know what would be really great for YOU this year? A guaranteed fast start with new ways of thinking and doing that really cause your end game to happen … in as little as two months.

It’s why I created “Outta the Gate” for you! 

Pull Off Unprecedented Results in Just 60 Days in This Live, Interactive, Exhilarating Course.
“Outta the Gate” is the first 60 days of my classic Legendary course – BIG action, BIG thinking, BIG results right out of the gate. It’s your ticket to a Legendary Life with all the bells and whistles I typically offer in my the larger course.      

Forget the Game that Every Business Owner or Wanna-Be Plays. 
You’re Already Above That. 

I mean, seriously, you’ve been setting and achieving goals since you were a toddler determined to potty train yourself.  Trust me: You’ve already got the goal game down. THIS YEAR you’e ready to change up how you feel about your LIFE. You want it to be different – way different. You want A LOT MORE.

  • MORE money … maybe lots more money.
  • MORE fast, easy, super-unique marketing and business strategies that immediately improve your business ROI
  • MORE true and lasting motivation that will drive you AND your team to record-setting levels of performance.
  • MORE on-purpose days when you feel like you’ve finally landed on where you need to be.
  • More opportunities, options, joint venture invites, contracts and clients that rain all over your head.

So, Let’s Solve This Thing Once and For All With “Outta the Gate!”

Bob Proctor knows I can help move your forward in a big way. Check out his video here to learn why.

When you follow my lead, you’re going to win in a very big way. 

In Just 60 Days …

Learn to Quantum Leap Your Business

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in or planing to get into. I’ll be sharing with you – step by step and secret upon secret – how to build the profitable and fulfilling business you know you deserve to have.

I’ve shown hundreds of international client businesses how to go from even a big fat zero on the accounts receivable line to million-dollar successes – and they had nothing more available to them than you do right now.  

“Diane Armitage is extremely creative and a gifted intellect. As a mentor to her clients, she has a really rare, warm empathy because she, herself, came up out of nothing and built a multi-million dollar business in just a matter of years. In her many years of working closely with me, she not only learned but applied the secret that so many people fail to utilize.

It’s a very unique and wonderful experience to be in Diane’s coaching world just to see what her mind will come up with next … because it always works.”

 Bob Proctor

Global Success Mentor and Best-Selling Author

If you’re not earning all you want, it’s time to change the way you’re THINKING and DOING.

This is about finally doing it right, and doing it right NOW.

No more excuses. It’s time to get out in front. 

If a girl making $28,000/year can rise to millions a year by implementing  specific, off-the-beaten-track strategies in her multiple businesses and clients’ businesses, you might want to know those same strategies … right?

You’ll also be learning how to …

This Will Only Work For You If …
1. You make the actual commitment to participate in these 60 days.
2. You’re an action-taker willing to follow directions.
3. You’re willing to ask questions (because, seriously, no one thinks you’re stupid, least of all me.)   


Here's What You Get:

20+ Hours of Intense LIVE Training

PLUS!! Invaluable Video Library:

9 Full Length Lessons of Foundational Principles to Your Success

– WEEKLY, SPECIFIC HOW-TO SESSIONS – 17 live sessions – with Diane, live and interactive, to create expanded and solid results in less than 60 days (Value: $4,800)

– Same day Morning Reading Group Sessions on new material that compliments each How-To session. (Value: $3,000)

– Monthly Live Interactive (Mystery Guest) Multi-Millionaire Interviews + Your Own Q&A with These Superstars (Value: Priceless)

– Monthly LIVE Interactive Coaching & Mentoring Sessions with Diane and the great Tommy Collier on Mindset, Business Systems & Marketing Strategies (Please arrive loaded with questions) (Value: $3,000)

– Live Workshops and Masterminding Sessions (so that you actually implement and find plenty of resource and support to help you do it. (Value: $1,999)

– Your own access to our Membership Platform, where EVERYTHING IN THIS COURSE IS RECORDED and all your worksheets are handy (just in case you have to miss a class). The entire recorded class will be available to you an additional 2 months beyond the end of class. (Value: $4,000)

Total Course Value: $16,799

PLUS: Live Email Mentoring Support with Diane Armitage through the entire 8 weeks!

PLUS: More Valuable Bonuses:

But here’s what’s really priceless:

Your “Outta the Gate 2023!”
Total Price:
 Just $3,500 or two payments of $1900!

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Outta the Gate 2023 zoom course with Diane Armitage
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30 years ago, Diane Armitage was a brand new entrepreneur who had absolutely no idea what she was doing. But then she came across the “EPIC switch.” And everything changed.

Nicknamed “The Creator to the Creators, “The Secret Weapon,” and “The Millionaire Maker” by clients like Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown, and many of The Secret teachers,  Diane has written, advised, strategized and created with and for these powerhouses for decades.

Also a 27-year owner of her global digital marketing agency, Diane and her team have created more than $120 million in success stories for the above clients as well as entities such as REI.com, TheBiltmore.com, RE/MAX International and Patagonia.com.

Now, Diane mentors and coaches at a global level.

 Diane teaches an “enlightened millionaire” proven strategy to entrepreneur and “wanna-be” entrepreneurs around the world.  Her Legendary: Quantum Leap course, which was personally endorsed by her dear friend and mentor, Bob Proctor, teaches people how to become better leaders in their business and personal lives by stepping into out-of-the-box (yet simple) empowering  strategies and actions.  This is coupled with real-world business/marketing implementations that Diane typically employs with her millionaire and billionaire clients.  

Diane has authored four books including her soon-to-release book, Conversations With Bob Proctor, a tale of the greatest “magical manifestation” lessons Bob Proctor personally taught her as they worked together daily for 27 years.  

Diane Armitage lives “on the edge” in Laguna Beach, California, and also spends time in her “home away from home” in Willamette Valley’s famed wine country just outside of Portland, Oregon.