Ready to “Think & Grow Rich” in a Speed-of-Light Kind of Way?

If you know anything about Bob Proctor, you know that he has devoted more than 60 years of DAILY life reading Napoleon Hill’s book ‘Think & Grow Rich: The 13 Steps to Riches.” Serious! He reads it every single day!

Bob claims it was this book  – ONLY this book – that forever shifted his life’s trajectory. He read it every day and did everything he was instructed to do. As a result, his life turned on an absolute dime.

I love the book, Think & Grow Rich, too, but … let’s face it … it is NOT an easy read.

It was, after all, written in 1937, even before the shadow of World War II would fall on the world. Rather than allow this book to fade into some kind of dusty obscurity after literally creating millions of millionaires in its time, Bob Proctor has created a new solution for his most revered book. In so doing, he has taken the “13 Principles of Success” in this book to a new level that the world has never seen before.

Now, Bob’s explanation of each and every chapter is in FILM. It’s the most phenomenal life-changing “binge watching” I’ve ever done.

As I write this, I’m now on Day 137 – 137 days STRAIGHT IN A ROW of starting each day by watching at least one of these chapters explained by Bob. I have to say that, even after nearly 30 years of studying this material AND after working one-on-one with Bob Proctor as his writer, learning and mentoring with him all along the way, there are examples and explanations from Bob in this film that I’ve never heard him say before.

There is so much new material and wisdom here. Absolutely amazing. More importantly, he breathes real life into these old passages like nothing you’ve ever seen in person, seen in film, or read in a book before.

And, just when I thought my life was pretty much transformed to its zenith, the cumulative mornings I’ve devoted to this program has sent my life experience in EVERY aspect spiking to new heights again.

Even if you believe your life is at its zenith, Principles will take it to a new stratosphere again.

And if your life isn’t at it’s absolute best zenith … wow, are you in for a crazy ride.

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A 13-Hour Film That Builds Your Hand-Over-Fist Success

THIRTEEN HOURS! That’s like an entire season of shows!

But THESE shows have the ability to absolutely transform your life.

If you’ve ever asked yourself WHY your life never changes much … why you don’t get the “lucky breaks” that other people get … you are absolutely going to get past that stuck point once and for all with this film series. 

I did.
And if I can do it, I can help YOU do it.

The Principles of Prosperity film is broken down into 17 modules, each of which runs about 20 to 25 minutes in length. I watched the entire film twice, beginning to end, and then I began to choose modules that I felt would help me reach higher plateaus faster. (I watched the module on Subconscious Mind more than 70 days in a row! Needed some work in that arena!)

As I worked through this amazing film, I began to put together support materials that would help you understand and implement this material in an even bigger and faster way. So, when you purchase this program, once again, you have me here to support you.

+ Me as Your Coach Through All of This

Even if it’s the best product in the world to help you truly achieve success on ALL levels, it’s not always easy staying committed to a self-study program. So, here’s what I do to help you stick with this game-changer of a film:  

  • 30-minute one-on-one Skype or Zoom call with me at the beginning to discuss the program and what you’d like to achieve.
  • I’ve created study guides for each module. Just download and print for key points and exercises!
  • My weekly live group “book club” review on each module with chat access for your questions and answers.
  • Private e-mail access to me throughout the program (when you just can’t wait for the weekly call!)
  • Additional 20-minute calls after the 6th module (the middle) and at the end of the program.

“You’re Going To Spend the Time & Money Anyway.”

This 13-hour film is not an inexpensive program … but it IS invaluable for your life. So … uhmm … what’s that worth? 

At one point in this film, Bob Proctor says, “We offer programs that will literally liberate people, would give them the life they want, but tell us that they don’t have the time to watch it and they don’t have the funds to pay for it.

“Truth is, they’re going to spend the time and the money anyway. And what are they spending it on? They’re spending it on the continuous expression of a paradigm that was built by someone else that’s controlling their life. They’re not creating the relationships they want. They’re not living in the healthy body they want. They don’t take the vacations they want, or buy the homes they want, or the cars they want. They never really make it. They don’t understand that through the proper use of these principles, they can create ANY idea they CHOOSE for their amazing life.”

Now, really, what would THAT be worth to you?