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The Armitage Mind-Business Connection

If you want a simpler and more profitable business life, you’re in the right place. 

Some entrepreneurs build magnificently successful businesses and they’re not even sure how to explain HOW. We call those “unconscious competents.” They just know that they know.

Most of us don’t fall in that category, though. Most entrepreneurs struggle for years, waffling between competencies and frustrating incompetencies.  I teach my clients how to become CONSCIOUS competents, thereby avoiding the costly learning curve in almost everything they do.

Oddly enough, it all starts with the mind. Every successful business result starts in the mind. I help entrepreneurs first recognize the power they already have within themselves by introducing them to mental skills they can “turn on” immediately for tremendous goal achievement and faster wealth.

When your mind is in the right place, you begin to ask the right questions. These answers, then, set leveraged strategies into play for new and greatly improved multiple sources of income in your business.

I help my clients engineer breakthroughs for more powerful, efficient and refreshing business play. You learn how to see from – and thrive in – a possibility-based mindset that angles in from opportunity and innovation rather than limitation.

And then we bring that possibility into reality.

Private Client Coaching
is a 6-12 month one-on-one personal coaching experience
for entrepreneurs who are ready to play BIG in business
while still enjoying and thriving in a life they love.

I only work with a few private business clients at a time.

We have to be the right fit for each other. This is weekly interaction with you as well as possible management or team members on your side.

  • You must be committed to building multiple, profitable revenue sources for your business.
  • You business should be at least at a strong six figures in revenue with a commitment to scale.
  • I typically ask for a 6-12 month agreement.
  • And you’ve got to be able to free your mind, my friend. As Morpheus says in The Matrixx, “I can only show you the door. You’re the one who has to walk though it.”

How do we get it all implemented?

My full-circle marketing agency of longtime, polished pros can help implement your new solutions while your team keeps working. Or, I can work with your in-house team to do the same. These are the “hows” that we address as we go.

Remember, the hows are never a factor in the equation. All that matters first and foremost is your decision to walk through the door.

Is the Private Client Coaching right for you?

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$90 million in successful client stories can’t be wrong.

But what’s the biggest success for my clients?
More time freedom. More money freedom.
More life for you.