Prioritize for Leverage


Sometimes, you feel like you’re being pulled in so many directions that you can’t get “the important” work done. Or, you may have so many ideas and projects in your mind, you’re not exactly sure where to start. Overwhelm leads to … well, ZIPPO accomplished in the direction of your big goal or big dream.

“Get Fastest Cash & Greatest Impact” solves all of that in mere minutes. This is a solution-based system that you can employ at any time with your own projects or with teams or divisions across entire companies.

In this 18-minute video + worksheet, you’ll learn that EVERY activity you engage in for your business (or for your dream) is not about getting ONE thing done … it’s about lending exponentially to the overall picture. Leverage is the name of the game, period.

You will learn:

  • Where to start with that pile of projects, “to do” lists and ping-ponging plans in your head.
  • What “First Degree Generators” are in your business, and why I’ve taught this concept to hundreds of businesses I’ve worked with around the world.
  • How to identify what’s in the way of moving forward on the highest priority projects (and then what to do with these bothersome blockades).
  • When delegation should happen and when it shouldn’t happen.
  • Why LEVERAGE is the multiplicator in everything from boosting rockets into orbit to that email you need to get out next week (this was astutely added in from a true-blue rocket scientist).
  • How to quickly (in a minute or two) systematically rank your highest priority projects against the LEVERAGE they will provide for your fastest movement, fastest cash revenue and ensured quantum leaps.
  • The ultimate spring board of result.



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