What Are You Good At?

YOU can DO a lot more with your life

If I’ve done my job at all, I’m hoping that I’ve at least made it abundantly clear that you’re all sorts of perfection and limitless awesomeness. 

Perhaps, that is not something you hear every day.  The point is, you don’t have to hear it, not even from me. The reason you’re still here with me is that, part of you that IS perfect and limitless and awesome has already nodded a serious affirmative and given me a fist bump. 

There’s a part of you that’s been riding along all these years in that body of yours – and it’s ALWAYS known who you are and what you’re capable of doing. 

I don’t know all the details about your life, what you’ve achieved, what you’re achieving, what you haven’t achieved, if you’re just sitting around eating Twinkies all day, I have no idea. But I’m betting you can DO a lot more with your life, especially as it pertains to where you WANT IT TO GO. 

In other words, you’ve always had the genie just sitting there waiting for your command. It may not look like Will Smith. It may not be all sassy and blue, but it’s YOUR genie. Custom-made, built-in, hanging out, waiting for you to figure out the kind of wishes you’re going to be asking for. 

That eternal GENIE in YOU

I don’t care if you’re 15 or 25 years old reading this. Some childhood dreams die hard, and the genie guy … the “when you wish upon a star” stuff, never died in any of us because it CAN’T. It doesn’t have an option – it CAN’T die away because it’s hard wired into YOU. 

It’s not just a childhood dream, it’s not age-related, it’s not something you sell at the family garage sale when you’re done with your toys. This genie is eternal. It’s in YOU. 

You got that??

And the even better thing about this genie, is  that it is not just limited to three wishes.   

So, what do you say we start getting serious about this genie peep of yours? I want you to spend some time thinking about two main things: 

  1. WHAT do I really want? Like, if there were no barriers or excuses or whatever, WHAT WHAT WHAT do I really want? Did I make that clear enough? 
  2. What am I really good at doing? What am I really interested in? 

I know this may be something you may not have ever thought about. But, it is important to think about NOW.  Like, really important. 

The fact is this: You were put on this planet to do something really well and it’s already built into you, too.  So, you’ve got the genie guy built in.  And you’ve got this super unique talent or skill built in. You may even have two or three.  The genie guy will help you get whatever you want in your life. You’re going to be getting a lot of what you want in your life.  I guarantee. 

When you ALSO tap into that unique talent or skill that you alone have and say, “Holy CRUD! This is something I’m actually really good at! How do I make it bigger?”  That genie guy can make THAT happen even faster because they share the same apartment within you. They’re great roommates.  

I want you to really think about what you like DOING. I Say again, DOING.  “Sleeping” does not count.   What comes easy for you?   Maybe you like cooking or playing soccer or reading or gaming or drawing or building models or talking to friends through problems,  riding horses,  walking dogs, or cleaning.  Yeah. That is right. Some people love to clean (just sayin!)

Several others love decorating and redecorating your room or taking photos. or figuring out better endings to the shows you’ve been binge watching.   

I don’t know you, YOU know you. 

Just keep asking yourself … “What comes easy to me?”   This is the million dollar question. 

See, most people … when it’s easy, they don’t think it’s important. They figure if they’re going to succeed or make a million bucks it’s got to be something HARD. 

… Years of school. 

… Years of doing a job you hate. 

…Years of staying inside to study instead of being a regular person out there with friends.

Basically, years of doing uncool things and being uncool.  

You’ve got it all wrong. Not blaming you – just about everyone out there gets it wrong. 

The SECRET to this whole thing is this: 

Whatever comes EASIEST to you is going to be your fastest, shortest, funnest way to your big success and … quite probably … making any amount of money you desire. 

The sooner you recognize it, the sooner your genie gets moving.  

So, no time like the present to figure this out NOW. 

Don’t just think about it.  Start writing this down.  Don’t get “sensible” or “logical” about why something you like to do shouldn’t be on the list.   Start making your list. 

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