Happy Birthday, Bob Proctor!

Happy birthday 🎉 to Bob Proctor, my dear mentor and friend. I started writing for Bob 26 years ago with absolutely no idea how my life would catapult into the realm of the extraordinary as a result of our phone chats, restaurant meets, hang time at his events and the endless patient lessons he’s taught me. Undeniably the most important lesson of all: Bob taught me to recognize, see from and act from who I REALLY am: limitless human being.
My life just gets more phenomenal by the day.

This year I’ll be publishing my book, “Conversations With Bob Proctor,” a compilation of some of the goofiest and most impactful chats we’ve had together. I’ve loaded a free chapter at my website if you’d like to download – it’s kind of a hoot. It’s on my home page, DianeArmitage.com

What a very special life I’ve led because Bob personally took the time to believe in me. I love you beyond words, Bob.

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